Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Romance Novels and Wattpad: A Personal Insight

First of all, I would like you to know that I write stories of various genres. You can check out my works at the following:
I've been writing stories for a long time, since around 2004 or earlier, though I admit my plots back then were...uhh...predictably cheesy. I've only recently created a Wattpad account, only on January 26, 2013. My story blog (from Blogger) was also created a bit late, only around 2012. You can, however, also find some of my stories (with original post dates) on deviantART.

The reason I'm writing this is for two reasons:

1. "Diary of Broken", a series I wrote in 2010 as an EP and original story, and later on a manga, is getting a namesake counterpart called "Diary ng Panget" (which you probably already know, go Google it, it's famous as hell). If you've been around with me for a long time, this kind of "unintentional prediction" is quite normal. Here are a couple of examples:

Same-name song. Good thing they're on different keys and language.


Even Daft Punk?

Okay, this is really serious.
Actually, I have others such as original characters. One good example is Christian Amado of my MY_GAME.com series (made around 2004-2007).

I have nothing against DnP or teen romance novels going mainstream. It's just that I want to clear this prediction out, and to clear out that I make stories too, and that Filipinos should be open to more genres, not just romance. I write other genres, such as:
  • science fiction
  • fantasy-adventure (which many people of course don't like)
  • slice-of-life (not the kind you see in most harem-moe anime, but with bigger plot twists like Attack on Titan and such)
  • tragic stories (because happy endings are too cliche)
Okay, off to the next reason for this post.

2. Wattpad going mainstream. Yup, that also includes those published books you see on Booksale, NBS and others. I WOULD really like my stories to be sold like that (also because I badly need money right now for family expenses), but seeing that almost no one even reads my stories, I'm close to giving up. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up story writing completely.

It's just that, right now, I'm signal-boosting my ability to write stories. I mean, it's really hard to just fangirl on your own stories, all on your own. I had bad experiences sharing stories with other people, and they're just...uninterested and think I should stop using "the power of imagination".

Ahem, this is what I like, not in a selfish way, but in a productive way. I'd like to share my emotions, experiences and other things I've encountered in life. Since I'm a crybaby, I just tend to take it on my art forms - music, stories, visual arts, and others. 


Personally, I think the fact that many Filipinos are getting back into reading books and stories is a good thing, but I have one favor to ask: please try to do other genres aside from love and romance, or at least, do a different theme than the "generic love formula" you always see on sellout romance films. 

In my case, if ever I write love stories, I put a touch of tragic ending and cross with other genres. Here are some of my stories under the romance genre:

Nix Maxima 


This story is about a girl who's fate intertwines with a boy with a strange growth syndrome. 

Silent Stalker


This story is about a girl in an apartment who gets stalked by a silent boy who suddenly appears out of nowhere and seemingly persistent.

Commutio et Fatia


This story is about a demon boy who befriends a detective girl. He attempts to hide his evil curse to the world, but with his growth of power affecting his physical age, things get complicated.

The Midsummer Station (Owl City Fanfiction)


A story representation of Owl City's album of the same title, about a couple who breaks all the rules in order to survive, including storming a town for gold together.

When the Red Forest Cried

A horror story about a girl who encounters a bloody man in the forest and discovers things she shouldn't have.

Hana no Kaze (The Wind of Flowers - Lunetia Fanfiction)


A fanfiction of Lunetia's song, about a girl who has an alter ego guy, who defends her off from evildoers using a sword pen.

To check out more of my stories and samples, just go to these links (pasting it here, so you don't have to scroll all the way to the top):
Thank you very much, and if ever someone wants to use my story for a film, I'll be more than willing to make a deal with you! (Haha, as if someone would actually do that LOL)

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