Original Stories

I'm going to feature some of my best original stories here:

Diary of Broken


Diary of Broken is a horror/gore/suspense/romance story from the M-Series, and was also made into one of Kazaki's EPs. The story is set in modern day Japan, in a school called Kaizen University, in a club known as CCB (Computer Connection Brigade). One of the members, Hibiki "Broken" Kurobu, makes a dark deal with his best friend, Muji "Null" Noritaka for the sake and safety of his girlfriend, Mato "Format" Shimizu. Later on, Broken awakens as a Zeryte to avenge his death and secretly protect Format, who doesn't know of his death. 




Metronome is a science fiction story written by Kazaki. It tells about a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a 'Dictator' and the population is being trimmed by killing innocent lives. Yasome Luna, who awakens as a Weizan, learns how to use his powers, his purpose in life, and why he gains those powers. He meets other Weizans along the way, with the plan to expose the truth behind the Dictator. 


Nix Maxima


Nix Maxima is a romance / slice-of-life story is about a girl who's fate intertwines with a boy with a strange growth syndrome. She's chosen to take care of him, but is she up for the challenge?


Moon Angel


Moon Angel is a fantasy story by Kazaki. Set in a futuristic Earth where almost every person has magic powers and abilities, the story tells of the adventures of a young girl named Shigarume Misaka and her encounter with Aricada Rasmus, a Moon Angel who fell down to Earth by mistake. She joins Eluda Mari and other colorful characters in restoring Aricada's powers by finding the four sacred jewels, and at the same time, combatting against the dark entities known as shadows.

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