Original Music

Original Concepts

"Cliche" + "Home"
Album: Paper Wings
Year: 2015

 "LightYears" (crossfade demo) 
Album: LightYears
Year: 2013

"Lost Utopia"
Album: Lost Utopia / Sleep Paralysis
Year: 2013

"Sisikat din Ako sa YouTube (Someday, I'll be Famous on YouTube)"
Album: 15 Minutes of Fame
Year: 2015

Album: Adori Sifh
Year: 2015

 "Hotpot Productions" 
Album: Foodities
Year: 2017

"Pump Dance Move"
Album: Lost Utopia: FM Arcade
Year: 2017

Fandom-specific Concepts

YouTube single
 Year: 2008

"ioFtowa zyOless (The Tower of Heaven)"
YouTube single
Year: 2010

"AlDub: Walang Susuko!"
Bandcamp and YouTube single
Year: 2015


 YouTube Single
Vocaloid used: Megurine Luka
Year: 2010

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