Blogs I Run

Here are some side blogs and projects that I'm also maintaining:


This is where I publish my one-shot artworks that aren't on deviantART.

 Random quotes I make up in my head. (a.k.a. personal "hugots")


 Land of the Stars
My original stories, original manga and fanfiction blog.


My old FL Studio tutorial blog. Some tutorials are still on YouTube.
I'm Not a Photographer
My random photography blog.

This is where I post reviews of currently airing anime shows.

A work-in-progress extensive library of my Lost Utopia universe.

A trivia blog on various topics. 

Accurate Pinoy Charts
A just-for-fun blog about stereotypical Filipino culture.

Another just-for-fun blog, this time, about puns on Filipino celebrity names.

Inspiring (?) stories from my random photography objects.

Funny and trending memes and other stuff.
Short doodles on my notebooks.

Free download of most of my original art and music resources.

RPG Pixel Horror game reviews.

My travel blog with some bit of trivia.

Panoramas taken from my Xperia Z2 phone.

I post some lead singles from some of my albums, old and new.

This is where I interpret my own dreams.

 Panoramas taken from my Samsung Galaxy Mini phone.

Handwritten, quotes from my original stories and fanfiction.

Random rant memes about society.

Random rant stories about the stereotypical Filipino society.

Fictional characters whom I can relate to a lot.

RP blog for Duke MacGahan of The Crooked Man game.

Fan page for Hibiki "Broken" Kurobu, my original character.

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