Friday, February 17, 2017

Pokemon GO: The Good and the Bad


Here are some great advantages and unfortunate disadvantages of playing Pokemon GO.

The Good

1. Obesity will be lessened, as Pokemon GO seems to be a better alternative to fitness watches. People will be fit and get more exercise than just slouching in your couch or bed playing your GBA or Nintendo 3DS.

2. People will go outside more often so they'll notice things that they didn't notice before. People who rarely go outside will also notice landmarks and various sceneries.

3. 90s kids will get overflowing nostalgia. People form the 90s and 2000s era will get a refresher on Pokemon and may also more likely to play the old GBA games as well.

4. We're a step closer to full interactive gaming, and perhaps, holographic gaming. Pokemon GO does have a few drawbacks and limitations on AR (augmented reality) gaming, but hey, it's close.

5. Millenials (2010s kids) will know how great the 90s era was. Millenials will definitely get an insight on how it felt to be a 90s kid...or something.

The Bad

1. It's an online game where people battle, spend cash and glue their eyes to the phone. Simply put: it's just like the official and original GameBoy counterparts except it's online and you have to walk in real life. Instead of network adapters, you use the internet to connect with other players.

2. The whole Pokemon fandom will be ruined by uneducated millenials. I've recently seen this (traumatic) Sunday magazine show where this woman said "oh my favorite is Bulbasaur, the water type" and I just want to punch her for that (and I'm sure others who actually played the GBA games will do her much worse).

3. Despite constant attempts of warning people in the game, accidents and snatching will still happen.

4. It drains your phone's battery, moreso if you use mobile data for connection.

5. It can be a big distraction for studying, working or accomplishing commitments.

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