Friday, February 17, 2017

Heads up on Kopiko 78

Yes, I fricking know that Kopiko 78 is an absolute insomnia-bringer, but it is made for people who absolutely need to stay up in the middle of the night just to earn money to pay the bills and support their family. I’m looking at call center agents and every single night job possible (including those finishing their research papers and beating deadlines).

Here are my thoughts on Kopiko 78 and what you should know about it. 


My job, even if it’s flexible time, sometimes requires me to stay up late because I’m handling a multitude of jobs: freelance writing, thesis making, school project making, and others. 

I’m saying that it’s not bad to drink this coffee, provided that you don’t drink too much and don’t take more than one bottle a day. My advice is to drink in the morning and not in the afternoon, especially for the people who can’t fall asleep easily (like me). Don’t drink it fully unless you are absolutely sleepy and absolutely need to get a job done by the deadline.
My recommended amount is about ¼ or ½ bottle only after breakfast if you are going to handle a big task and you can’t fall asleep.

Also, don’t drink it if you are aware that you have some health problems with coffee and caffeine. I’ve seen some reports online and I just wanted to rant about this.
I only drink this coffee when I absolutely need it. Also, for the people who have some form of anxiety, depression, or state of soberness, for the love of God please consider not taking it, because it will be tough for you (like me). I’m already a very anxious person and taking this coffee makes me feel like a sadomasochist of sorts.

TL;DR Kopiko is meant to be a last resort for your job or activity if you feel sleepy and you really need to finish it.

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