Friday, August 19, 2016

10+ Tech Life Hacks

Here are some random tech life hacks that I've gathered from my experience with electronics and my dad's experiences as well. There could be more, but this is what I've listed down so far.

1. Use computer speakers to power up your China-made LCD or LED TV's garbled audio quality.

2. Use WiFi instead of mobile data when possible to save battery life.

3. If you're a passenger, only turn on your Pokemon GO when the traffic moves slowly. This is especially true if you want your steps to be counted for your incubated egg.

4. As much as possible, never purchase electronics online, unless it's a big and reliable brand with a nearby service center or reputable warranty guidelines.

5. Don't be fooled by "international brands". Some brands may sell "USA-brand" but it's just a name - dad says most of them have China parts, which are particularly flimsy most of the time, unless you buy something of a higher price.

6. If you have a vehicle battery that's faulty, you can use that for a home-based solar energy system.

7. If you just bought something, test it right away when you get home so you can avail the warranty right away and you'll be in good faith with the seller.

8. If the repair personnel gives you a high price for repairing your phone or gadget, look around instead - there may be cheaper phones around your vicinity at the same price of the repair, instead of getting your phone repaired.

9. Research on forums if you think your gadget's problems can be solved with just a few tweaks instead of going to a repair shop or service center right away.

10. Just like doctors, repairmen will always charge you with an inspecting fee because you used their knowledge base, so always ready your budget.

11. Don't buy, subscribe or commit to something you can't fully commit to. This includes online subscriptions, expensive gadgets, high-end vehicles and internet bills.

12. Use game emulators if you can't afford consoles.