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Dreamception! Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6 (DHMIS6) Review!

Finally, at long last, the curtain ends for the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series, which ran about 2 years in the making (whoops actually since 2011 or earlier) of 6 episodes. The final episode, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6 (DHMIS6) is finally out. I'm telling you - there are a LOT of interesting things here.

And now, here's my review:


Did Becky and Joe read my DHMIS fanfics?

Looks like this episode was about dreams, since my Don't X Me I'm Sober is roughly about the same thing. In the fanfic, all 3 puppets were battling through their adulthood by these horrible "holoprograms" that make them sing and become insane as they grow up. At the last part, Yellow/Manny realizes it's all just a dream and that he was all alone (Red and Bird are just his stuffed plushies, and so are all the teachers).

DHMIS6 presents the same kind of plot! I know Becky and Joe are very fan-based creators, since they put together Tony and Sketchbook in DHMIS 3 when the fans started shipping Padlock.  

Just like in my fanfics, every "teacher" in the canon DHMIS is a program controlled by a machine. Still a bit similar to my fanfic, except we got to know the organization behind the programs, and that the "programs" were actually based from alien beings that the organization made into a program to corrupt the minds of children. For instance, original Sketchbook (in the fanfic) didn't intend to teach "green is not a creative color" concept, but her corrupted counterpart, the holoprogram that started DHMIS1, taught it to the puppets. 

Nonetheless, as a creator, I'm very proud! After all, DHMIS is still a small fandom (unlike a certain local one where I had idea theft issues on a national level) so I'm absolutely okay with them taking inspiration from my work!

Did they make Mike the Microphone canon?

Not quite, but yes! It's not exactly Mike's design, but still! After all, DHMIS Audio is the most talented (perhaps the only) voice actor in the DHMIS fandom, so I'm pretty sure Becky and Joe will pay homage to him. He deserves it.

Do you believe Roy is a ghost and is Yellow's real dad or legal guardian?

I think the episode has clearly shown that Roy is definitely a ghost and this is why he only appears briefly in every episode - and often in a creepy and disturbing way. And this is also why he doesn't talk (he only does heavy breathing). Here's a proof:

It would seem that Roy had some accident and he probably died? Who knows. And also, look at Red Guy / Harry finishing college!

I honestly believe Roy must be some legal guardian or dad figure to Yellow / Manny, moreso since this is a fitting Father's Day episode! My guess is that he wants Harry / Red Guy to unplug the "holoprogram" device so the songs would finally stop and would stop tormenting his likely "son".

Alternatively, some people also suggest that since Yellow said "my dad is a computer", perhaps he is the one behind all of the holoprograms and he was just unable to stop Red Guy from unplugging the device. It is evidenced throughout all the episodes, except DHMIS1, where Sketchbook is. And this leads to the theory - what if Sketchbook isn't part of the brainwashing media?

Woah! Red Guy's name is "Alfred"?

The microphone said so! "Alfred, your voice is music to my ears!" Ho ho ho! Now I only didn't catch the real names of Bird and Yellow guy and that's pretty much it. But hey, we can finally call him something canon for a change! (Since he is my favorite Squidward of all!)

I found out in a post that his name came from an Alfred Hitchcock movie that is being referenced by the stairs scene in the office part.

I mean, remember when Red Guy almost spoiled us with his name in DHMIS4? He was like "My name is a-" but got interrupted by Colin the Computer.

Is Green Bird just a program after all or was his soul just taken?

So apparently, Green Bird is part of the switchable set of "holoprogram" teachers that sing DHMIS songs all through out the series, even the ones we haven't seen (e.g. Magnet, Gel, Traffic Light, Shovel, etc.) and it makes people wonder if the Bird was just a program all this time and "pretended" to be a friend to Harry / Alfred and Yellow Guy. Or "dead" puppets automatically become part of the program itself, who knows?

Final thoughts: is the DHMIS series really over?

We can never tell for sure, but the end signifies that the saga with the Traffic Light Trio has ended...

 As the calendar finally shifts to June 20th, perhaps their arc is really over.

Or it could be like this: these are the same three puppets, but they have stepped away from the teachings of the programs. Remember in DHMIS1? Alfred, Bird and Yellow/Manny said their favorite colors are "Blue, Red, Green"? Perhaps they finally want to express themselves and be free from the standards imposed by the teachers?

Perhaps they emptied the house because they don't want to see singing objects anymore. However...

PLOT TWIST! The learning never stops, I guess.

However, Becky and Joe did say in their Kickstarter page that there will be a big surprise after the 6th episode comes out...

I wonder what will happen.


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