Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tatlong Bibe (3 Ducks) in 18 Genres of Music

Since everyone is remaking the "Tatlong Bibe" (3 Ducks) Filipino nursery rhyme out of complete randomness, I've decided to do my own version, featuring 18 various music genres. Check it out:

Genres include:

1. Music Box / Orgel
2. Chiptune / 8-Bit
3. Jazz
4. Trance
5. J-pop / J-rock
6. Hip-Hop / RNB
7. Ambient
8. Neofolk / Neoclassical
9. Orchestral Classical
10. Hardcore / Post-Hardcore
11. 90s Bubblegum Pop
12. Classical Piano
13. Dream Pop / Indietronica
14. MIDI
15. Sampled Voice
16. 80s New Wave
17. DNB (Drum N Bass)
18. French House

Side note: FL Studio and my system did not have further capacity to add more instruments. Supposedly, this would be 21 genres but I decided to cut because my eyes are tired, my migraine is bad and my FL keeps freezing like crazy. So nonetheless, enjoy.

Here is another similar multigenre song I worked on YEARS ago.

Enjoy and thanks!

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