Monday, May 23, 2016

Instead of Hating Comic Sans, Hate these 7 Fonts Instead

I am SO tired of people hating Comic Sans, Arial, Times New Roman, Papyrus, etc. Dude, they're just fonts. This was moreso highlighted in the game Undertale with the characters Sans and Papyrus typing in the Internet's MOST HATED FONTS. So without further a do, I will give you my list of 6 most OVERUSED and OVERRATED fonts that you should hate instead of picking on poor Comic Sans and other traditional fonts. This is especially the case if you live in the Philippines.

1. BadaBoom BB

This font has been overused ever since PewDiePie uses it for his intros and outros, and I don't know how it got into the Philippine graphic design industry, but it is freaking me out so much. I don't hate Pewds, of course, but I gotta admit that this font is so overrated for these stupid Let's Players and YouTube attention-seekers who only depend on other content to be famous. I know this is a necessity for those who depend on AdSense, since I do too, but please, some are just too unbearable and I don't like fooling people or clickbaiting just for views. If ever I would do something to gain views, it wouldn't be as drastic as fooling people.

2. Feast Of Flesh BB

This font has been super mainstream due to Angry fucking Birds. I hate this more than BadaBoom, to be honest, because ugh. Both were used by Pewds on his old videos, but ugh, the cringe is just so much. I often see this font a lot, other than being an official font for Angry Birds.

3. Harabara

Just because this font was constantly used in the It's More Fun in the Philippines campaign by the Department of Tourism doesn't mean you have to use it everywhere, jeez.

4. Helvetica

I hate the fact that people call themselves HIPSTER just because they use Helvetica. Get a grip, man. I honestly hate Helvetica to the core because people use it to fucking bully Comic Sans like an elite piece of shit. These designers need to get a grip, or have they lost their inner childhood? Oh well. On the side note, I only use Helvetica because Arial won't properly work on Sony Vegas Pro.

5. Ninja Naruto

I only hate this font because nearly every person in the Philippines wears a club shirt with this Naruto font. I'm not hating on the Narutards, obviously. I'm just pissed off at how people equate Naruto = anime when they haven't seen all types of anime yet. Stupid stereotypes.

6. Roomfer

I would have to blame that one fucking teleserye from ABS-CBN for this font spreading like wildfire - from SM malls to nearly everything that's glitz and glam and high elite class. It's a nice font and it's very aesthetic, but God it's annoying at how mainstream it is.

7. Brannboll NY

Kalyeserye? Yes, definitely from Kalyeserye / AlDub, so blame them for this and everything else.

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