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Cheat Sheet: Pinoy Politicians and their Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs are one general way of knowing a person's personality and profound traits. With the 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections almost closing, let us get to know the astrological zodiac signs of our favorite Philippine Pinoy politicians. 

Rodrigo Duterte

March 28, 1945
Zodiac: Aries

Duterte is known for his harsh words and actions against crime, drugs and corruption. It says in most zodiac guides and based from the people I know that most Aries people are highly expressive and loud when it comes to their opinions and actions. Another celebrity with a similar birthday is Lady Gaga.

Mar Roxas

May 13, 1957
Zodiac: Taurus

Roxas is known for being quite traditional and open to more outdoor activities, hence being Mr. Palengke. Most Taurus people I know are nice at first, but tend to act slowly and are sometimes, give me harsh critique that I don't deserve or without looking into the details first. Robert Pattinson is also born on this day.

Jejomar Binay

November 11, 1942
Zodiac: Scorpio 

Binay is known for being a fierce and skilled attorney, much like Duterte, and you never know what he's scheming. Most Scorpios are highly secretive and you never know what's up their sleeves. A known celebrity of this birthday is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Grace Poe

September 3, 1968 (baptism, since she is a foundling)
Zodiac (assumed): Libra

Since we don't know Poe's real birthday, we'll just assume she is a Libra. Most Libras are more on the justice side and do not give a lot of attention to emotional or rash and violent decisions and are more for equality. One day, they are kind but another day, they're probably telling you off. Charlie Sheen is also born on this day.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

June 15, 1945
Zodiac: Gemini

Santiago is known to be a very intelligent intellectual - from her words, to her actions, to everything. Much like Duterte, she isn't afraid to swear and piss off her opponents. Geminis are most often crafty and multi-tasking, super-talented people and insanely smart. Rapper Ice Cube shares her birthday.

Benigno Aquino III

February 8, 1960
Zodiac: Aquarius

Pnoy is known for being a liberal leader (not just his Liberal party) in ways such that he puts up social equality but on the background, is the only bachelor President that ever was in the Philippines. Aquariuses, in general, are aloof and mostly anti-social and in some occasions, indecisive. He shares a birthday with wrestler Big Show.

Juan Ponce Enrile, Jr.

July 16, 1958
Zodiac: Cancer

Enrile...well..I don't think anyone seems to read his mind, and I don't have the right to judge since I haven't been born in the days of EDSA yet. Cancerians are supposed to be generally soft-hearted, afraid of rejection, highly-sensitive but on the flip side, extremely nice and caring. Will Ferell shares his birthday.

Bong Bong Marcos

September 13, 1957
Zodiac: Virgo

Much like his dad...and also his zodiac? Hmm, we shouldn't really judge people by their zodiac in this case, and as for most same-zodiac families I know, most kids with similar zodiacs to their parents end up often being rebels...or something. Niall Horan has a similar birthday (and also my deceased grandfather).

Leni Robredo

April 23, 1964
Zodiac: Taurus

Did Liberal Party also consider the fact that Robredo and Roxas are both Tauruses, or is it just mere coincidence? Nonetheless, perhaps the Taurus part is probably more for Leni, but it depends. She shares a birthday with wrestler John Cena.

Joseph Estrada

April 19, 1937
Zodiac: Aries

Much like Duterte, who is also an Aries, Erap is very blunt with his opinions and knows the pulse of the Filipino people. He shares a birthday with James Franco.

Fidel Ramos

March 18, 1928
Zodiac: Pisces

Ramos is perhaps known for traveling a lot during his presidency. Pisces are generally playful towards people and love to explore but can have a sensitive heart inside, much like Cancer people. Adam Levine shares his birthday. Another famous Pinoy Pisces is Maine Mendoza (March 3).

Emilio Aguinaldo

March 22, 1869
Zodiac: Aries

Again, much like Duterte and Erap, Aguinaldo seems to be the fierce politician that he is, as we've read from the history books (why are a lot of politicians born on March, anyway?). He shares a birthday with Tyler Oakley.

Ramon Magsaysay

August 31, 1907
Zodiac: Virgo

Magsaysay is said to be very hands-on with things but always puts the Filipino first. Virgos are generally known to be very organized people, and their negative sides could show perfectionism. Wrestler Jeff Hardy also has the same birthday.

Ferdinand Marcos

September 11, 1917
Zodiac: Virgo

Contrary to Magsaysay's regime, however, Marcos shares a similar zodiac sign to him, oddly. Perhaps it's more on the other side of Virgos - the perfectionism and disciplinary thing. He shares a birthday with rapper Ludacris.

Cory Aquino

January 25, 1933
Zodiac: Aquarius

The wife of a hero is perhaps much like her son, who is also an Aquarius. I could never know, since I didn't live in that era yet and there was no Facebook back then to expose all the negativity of the Aquinos...yet. Alicia Keys shares a birthday with her.

Benigno Aquino, Jr.

November 27, 1932
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Ninoy is a fierce and freedom-fighting senator, as opposed to Marcos' martial law. Sagittariuses, in general, love the great outdoors and can be pretty blunt with their opinions, as they can also get into perfectionism themselves. Martial Artist Bruce Lee shares his birthday.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

April 5, 1947
Zodiac: Aries

Okay, I honestly don't know why a lot of Aries people are politicians. Maybe it's because Aries are quite the fierce people who are most likely to step into the world of politics to make a change for their hometown or the country? At any rate, GMA doesn't really feel blunt with what she says, or maybe it's controlled by a pretty good PR. Pharell Williams also has the same birthday.


If you want to know more about zodiacs, just Google each to find out their personality in general and common traits.

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