Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10+ Fandoms I Want on Kingdom Hearts 3

If you're a KH fan, then you know you absolutely want some Disney or non-Disney fandoms to be on the much-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. Without further ado, here's my list of 10+ Fandoms I Want on Kingdom Hearts 3.

1. Frozen

Of course, I know Frozen is very likely to be included on KH3, but yeah, I still can't help but wish for it to really come true. Since we got Maleficent as a D-Link on KHBBS then I don't see why Elsa wouldn't be on Sora's party or something like that. I just hope they won't do the same cringy Atlantica song number games anymore.

2. Undertale

Since the news of Toby Fox being contacted by Nintendo came out, I got the idea of "what if Square Enix contacted Toby as well?" Things would be definitely interesting if we could get Frisk/Chara or Asriel on Sora's party or explore the beautiful underground locations. In some cinematics, I saw that the Realm of Darkness looked a bit similar to the Waterfall and the Ruins look similar to the Cavern of Remembrance. It would be also nice to get a Greater Dog or Napstablook summon and mini-games from a boss fight with Mettaton wouldn't hurt.

3. Angry Birds

I would want to have Red Bird or any of the birds as a summon. Imagine firing a slingshot of mad, round avians to destroy heartless.

4. Final Fantasy XV

This is also very possible, since they are not just by the same company, but are also side-by-side in development. Not to mention, both Sora and Caelum (Noctis' surname) mean 'sky' in their respective languages and many people noticed Platinum Demo's gameplay has some similarity with KH. I mean, if Auron was in KH2, then I don't see why Noctis couldn't be on Sora's party for KH3.

5. Phineas and Ferb

Perry the Platypus as a summon? Why not!

6. Oggy and the Cockroaches

I'd want any of the characters as a summon or whatever. It would be interesting to fight alongside cats or noisy cockroaches, honestly.

7. Ib

I know obviously Kouri wouldn't agree to this, as we've seen that the fandom never grew due to his very very very strict rules, and hence, Ib never even got any fangames, as compared to Undertale and Yume Nikki. But hey, the idea of heartless haunting a gallery would be super rad.

8. Bust a Groove (Bust a Move)

C'mon, dude. Bust a Groove was made by Enix, waaaay before it became Square Enix. I know JSRF peeps like Beat and Yoyo made further appearances in other Sega games, so I'm really hoping for at least a cameo from Heat or Strike or whoever, since this game is a big treasure for 90s kids like me.

9. Alice Through the Looking Glass

Remember Sora meeting Alice in KH1? Many years later, both of them grew up and met each other again...

10. Darkwing Duck

I have no idea how to even implement this fandom, but I'd want Darkwing Duck somehow for no reason at all, since he looks badass.

11. Mystery Skulls Animated

If Ib can't be on KH3, then surely, the MS saga by MysteryBen might have a chance, since the story is very KH-inlined. Imagine Lewis being in Sora's party and kicking heartless butts. It'll be just like Jack Skellington and Halloween Town.

12. Silhouette Mirage

This game has tons of similarities with Undertale, so I don't see why not. In fact, Shyna's attribute changing might be something to add depth to the KH3 gameplay.

13. Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

Imagine summoning Tony the Talking Clock and stopping time to eliminate your enemies!

14. Homestuck

I know HS fans wouldn't agree to this, especially Hussie, but since I did include Undertale on the list then I don't see why not. Most of the scenes and pages from the webcomic did give me a KH feel, especially with the inventory and battles and stuff. Both John and Sora have a wind attribute, though.

15. Yume Nikki

Sora being in a bizarre dream world feels like Dream Drop Distance, which is interesting.

16. Pokemon and/or Digimon

Pikachu or Agumon as a summon? I'm sure that has crossed our minds.

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