Thursday, April 14, 2016

30+ Bad Stereotypes the World Needs to Stop Believing In

It's a world full of dirty and unfair stereotypes, and this is why more and more people just resort to depression, suicide, drugs or being robots forever. Based from my personal experience, I'll list down 30+ bad stereotypes that the world needs to stop believing in.

1. "Good was designed to defeat evil."
Good and evil are two sides of the coin. Without even a little bit of evil, the world would be boring and aimless.

2. "Suicidal and depressed people are weak."
Depressed people are more humble than people who think too much of themselves. They would rather save everyone than save themselves, and removing themselves from the world is something they see if they feel like a burden to most people.

3. "Marriage and procreation should be the ultimate purpose in life."
All humans have a choice - and some just chose to be single because it's what makes them happy. Some just want pets and some just want to write characters instead.

4. "Getting an office or outside job is the only thing that counts as success."
Ever heard of freelancing? Ever heard of establishing you own business? Nah, everyone is too busy impressing others that they've got a job over at a well-established mall, BPO or law firm.

5. "Provincial and rural people are uneducated."
Sure, most of them can be educated, but you can't deny that there are rare gems that you never find on city people, since rural standards are different and more based on modesty and honesty rather than strict, industry deadlines.

6. "Christianity should be the only justifiable religion in the world."
How about Islam, Protestants, Buddhists and others? How about the non-believers who do more charity work than us Christians? Don't they deserve a better spot in heaven even if they don't care if God exists or not? Religion is act-based, not belief-based.

7. "If you can't sing high notes, then you are not a singer."
Producers and composers can sing too, but they're usually afraid because every media company in the world only patronizes diva pop voices.

8. "You are not a musician if you don't play live often."
Ever heard of the term "bedroom producer"? Ever heard of "arranger"?

9. "Evil in the society can always be won over by kindness."
Kindness can be abused. It's kill or be killed. - Flowey

10. "Taking a vocational, farming or artistic course will get you nowhere."
Without farming, we have nothing to eat. Without art, we won't have colorful designs all around us.

11. "Pink is not for boys / blue is not for girls."
Why should girls have to stick with makeup and guys stick with cars? Seriously, what's wrong with liking other preferences? Does it make you gay or lesbian? Does it make you useless to the world?

12. "All channels must have soap operas."
How about informative shows about travel, science, and other important topics rather than people?

13. "All products, shows, etc. must have a well-known personality to be a big hit."
Because here in the Philippines, as well in some cases on Hollywood films, people only watch films if they feature famous artists.

14. "Hearts can grow / change."
I have proven somehow that my college professor is telling the truth: people's hearts don't grow as they age - they just stay the same as they were born with. I'm 25 years old and I'm still a stubborn, childish weirdo, just faking adulthood and maturity and all that.

15. "Anime is for kids / Japan is evil / Japan is perverted."
Just because they've killed tons of people during the Japanese occupation doesn't mean you have the right to incriminate all of them. How about the fact that Japan is backing up our squad when it comes to the West Philippine Sea crisis? Japanese people are kind in general, but can turn evil when abused, which is okay.

16. "Filipinos are generous and God-fearing people."
Not necessarily true. If you stayed even for one day in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, you'll see all kinds of dirty scums trying to pry money from your wallets or kill you over dough. Even OFWs kill each other because of extreme crab mentality. 

17. "Going to church and doing religious activity will take you to heaven."
Filipinos go to Church and sing "Loooord, patawaaaaad..." but don't even repent on their sins and keep gossiping about whoever they think might be a hot topic in their neighborhood. Teenagers who often wear Christian club t-shirts are most likely the ones we'll see on a night club getting drunk after they've worked like a robot from a call center.

18. "Similar works from an indie artist will always mean copying."

19. "Main characters shouldn't die."
Why doesn't Fernando Poe, Jr. die in almost every film? (Or perhaps there was a film where he died but I missed it) Not every mainstream story, movie or series should have a main character that will live to the end. Sometimes, we could use a tragic hero or anti-hero for once.

20. "Unmarried and single-for-life people are gay / lesbian and useless."
You have to understand that success means differently for different people - some people don't want to be committed to someone because all their life, they've been controlled. It's not being gay, it's being fabulous! - PewDiePie

21. "Death penalty is anti-life."
I saw this on some Twitter post before, regarding Rodrigo Duterte. Death penalty is actually pro-life, since it puts an end to those who are anti-life - the killers, rapists, criminals, etc. It disciplines people and protects the innocent, which is pro-life, in my opinion. Besides, our country is too drunk on false freedom, anyway.

22. "Only people with college degrees have success in life."
Ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg? In fact, a lot of successful musicians, game developers, YouTube stars, business owners, etc. don't even have college degrees, but they became successful in their respective fields because they have DETERMINATION.

23. "Introverts are failures."
No, they're not. They just understand the world differently than extroverts. They're just good at thinking and theoretical stuff, compensating for their lack of physical and social activity. Without them, we wouldn't have a smartly organized world, which isn't really that organized in some places because introverts are considered failures.

24. "Being gay / lesbian is by choice."
Dude, being part of the other genders can be hereditary. I've seen this interview with Charice's mom - she, too, had been partly lesbian and had a girlfriend but decided to just woman up instead - and look what happened. Sometimes, it's not the surroundings - it's inborn and you can't erase or rewrite it.

25. "Being a crybaby / sensitive / depressive is by choice."
Just as similar as being gay or lesbian, personalities can be passed on. Actually, dad admits that some of his siblings had some manner of mental anxiety. Like it or not, some people are just born with a weak heart like me, and even if they try to man up or woman up, they still end up not being able to bottle their emotions or face their fears properly (I've been trying for 25 years, actually).

26. "Fat people are useless."
This is why my cousin died - because people called her useless instead of trying to cheer her up for the better. There is no harm in becoming fat - just don't go too overweight. The problem is that people often disregard a person and their anxiety and depression turns into food addiction (I know because I've experienced that a lot myself). So instead of telling people to slim down, tell them that you'll listen to their problems.

27. "Men shouldn't have long hair."
I grew up in a Catholic school and trust me, I actually resent short-haired and bald men because that is what I keep seeing in my 10 years of being caged in. This stereotype has affected me so badly, that I instantly crushed on nearly every long-haried guy I see (preferably anime hair or emo hair). Honestly, even Jesus Christ and his disciples have long hair. This hair cutting thing is still part of this bad stereotyping that "long haired men are gay". You wouldn't call Jesus gay, now would you?

28. "You can't ship gay / underage people in front of national television and famous fandoms."
I've experienced this in a lot of fandoms, most especially in the Strange Men Series (The Crooked Man, The Sandman, The Boogie Man) and Mermaid Swamp, as well as in Undertale. Shipping doesn't necessarily mean a romantic relationship, so please, cut it out. Friendship always lasts longer and deserves better than romance-based relationships.

29. "Being nice towards someone automatically means flirting."
This is why I don't want to be in a relationship anymore - it heightens my anxiety for dealing with people. I'm already antisocial and I have to level up my anti-socialness just to keep my significant other trusting me. It's like, I shouldn't talk to ANYONE but him, which sucks. The problem, perhaps, lies upon the fact that we often stereotype boy + girl = something or being kind to someone = wants them in bed.

30. "Being friendly towards children automatically means pedophilia."
I've experienced this both on Undertale and Ib. Just because people prefer being with children doesn't always mean they want to have sex with them or abuse them, sheesh! Children are our future, says an old song. They will always show us the light and innocence that we seem to forget and relax from reality, but people will always associate it with pedophilia. Tsk, tsk.

31. "Everyone should get in a romantic relationship."
Why should falling in love with someone be a requirement? Can't we choose what we want in life? After all, we are human beings, gifted with free will.

32. "It's okay to laugh off small problems of other people."
Please, for Pete's sake, don't underestimate someone's problems just because you think it's not a big deal for you - it can be a BIG deal for that person, since you didn't really experience being in his or her shoes, and if you continue to ignore it, the problem can make the person commit suicide. You are to blame for this, not him or her, because you were there and you didn't help the person feel comfortable and never understood him or her.

33. "Adults shouldn't act childish or have imaginary friends."
I believe that anyone who is socially awkward, in the line of art and music, or just don't have a lot of friends, do have imaginary friends. The problem is that people call us off that we need to grow up. I think that they are the ones who need to grow up and understand us, since every person has their own will, bad experiences and understanding of things. These friends may not have physical form, but they can really help us get through tough times, especially when nobody is there to save us.

34. "It is wrong to fall in love or befriend an imaginary friend."
I don't see a problem with Japanese nerds marrying their dakimakuras or anime/VN waifus - everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and it shouldn't be your problem because you never lived their life. Don't judge them because you don't know how it feels like to be all alone, getting bullied, being neglected, etc.

35. "Death shouldn't be talked about to kids."
Funny how only kids with cancer, progeria, etc. are the only ones who are forced to know about death. Everyone dies, and this is why it should be a natural thing to talk about to kids, so that they will know how to cherish their own life and think of other people's lives as well.

36. "Animals don't feel anything." 
If you're one of the people who think pet owners are dumb, think again. Like I said, everyone has different preferences when it comes to best friends or children. In fact, I believe that animals understand us better than humans do, since they live a simple and carefree life, and they never grow up like children to be sarcastic, abusive adults. They will be your loyalest companions for life - you'd better read about or watch Hachiko the Japanese dog.

37. "Democracy is better than dictatorship." 
I'm talking about the Marcos - Duterte tandem here. Sure, democracy is great when the Marcoses are out, but what actually happened? Have we truly become the utopia that the 1986 revolutionists dreamed of? Nah, we're just a cesspool of delusionists who often take advantage of everything for ourselves. We've become a lawless country. So I think that a little bit of dictatorship wouldn't hurt, just enough to discipline the country. 

38. "Parents = children."
Still referring to Bong Bong Marcos, please, for the love of Roy, don't blame the sins of the father to the son. The son is another story altogether. Children don't always end up like their parents, especially if their parents aren't very nice people. It's the same thing with the Japanese people - those from WW2 have their own sins and they shouldn't be passed on to the younger Japanese generation today - that is just UNFAIR.

Here's a song / project I made a few months ago:


Sick_but_not said...

You nailed it! I like how you discussed about depression and suicide. I had bouts too and people always say that my problems are not a big deal compared to theirs, I was like so offended and contemplative on committing suicide. Thank you for telling me (indirectly) that it's their fault and not mine.

I also agree that we are so drunk on false freedom.

Kristel "Kazaki" Cuadra said...

@Sick_but_not thank you for your comment! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way. People can be so judgmental! And yes, big Amen to the false freedom thing.