Wednesday, March 16, 2016

10 Moral Lesons Learned from "Carrot Man"

My small MS Paint fanart of "Carrot Man" Jeyrick Sigmaton.

If you haven't been around news ant TV lately, there's been a viral online sensation in the Philippines. And no, it's not a singer, not a dancer, not someone who has standard talent of sort. Instead, we have an handsome Igorot from Mountain Province who just randomly passed by, carrying his tiklis (basket) of carrots and chanced upon by photographers. Jeyrick Sigmaton, "Carrot Man", like it or not, have turned the tides on so many issues on fame, social status, and others. Here are 10 moral lessons we can learn from him:

1. "Some of the best diamonds can be found in the rough."
This typically means that uniquely handsome and beautiful faces aren't always located in the metro, urban areas or other famous places, but sometimes, way up in the mountains. This is also especially the case for those with unique talents. Not to be rude or anything, but I rarely hear composers coming from the farthest provinces (I'm one of them, though), and not to mention, it's rare to find people from Quezon Province who get featured / famous on TV or get some recognition, etc. - it's always those provinces near Manila or those near capitals like Cebu or Davao, but never in the far, underrated provinces. Sad reality, huh?

2. Give respect, stop racism and stereotyping.
I am talking about Igorot (and Aeta) shaming. It's just like when Americans shun the African-Americans just because of their skin color and always associate them with crime and violence. I believe Jeyrick's fame will somehow be able to lessen racism in our country and I hope Igorots, Aetas, and other tribsemen (and women) won't get bullied on school or work anymore.

3. Eat your greens.
Of course, most of us have been taught in grade school that carrots have Vitamin A. This is a big motivation for children who don't eat veggies. I bet they'll be like "dahil kay Carrot Man, kakain na ako ng carrots!" (because of Carrot Man, I'll eat carrots now!)

4. Live a simple life.
Jeyrick lives a simple life. Perhaps this is what most people who's been corrupted by money and city life tend to forget - to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Money is needed to survive, but if there's a will, there's a way. Even small businesses in the province work just as well as in Metro Manila - the earnings may not be as big, but you don't get pollution, high rent fees, security threats, etc.

5. Be humble.
Remember my long-time-ago post about Filipino Pride vs. Christian Humility? Yep, it's that topic of pride again. If you really idolize Jeyrick, you should be just as humble as him.

6. Stay determined in life.
From what we see, Jeyrick has your typical story of a provincial teenager working his best to raise his family from poverty. Sounds very cliche, but it's a great moral lesson and a reminder that we shouldn't give up on our dreams, no matter how impossible they are.

7. Learn to thank people.
I've seen a lot of photos of Jeyrick holding fansigns thanking his supporters. Not every online sensation does that nowadays. They're only concerned about getting tons of likes, views and shares. Jeyrick knows how to properly give utang na loob (debt of gratitude), especially to the photographers who found him (and are managing his social media accounts).

8. Everything has a "right time".
Just like AlDub, the Tamang Panahon (right time) concept applies to Carrot Man as well, since it was just a random encounter that somehow gave birth to something new and inspirational.

9. Comparing is bad.
We've seen ride-ons like Cabbage Man, Water Man, Chicharon Man, etc. Those were all very nice, but I think it's bad to compare, since I believe everyone has their own beauty / handsomeness and that all of us are unique in our own ways. Just because you lack something in someone else's standards doesn't mean you're not beautiful or handsome. It's just a matter of personal preference and we shouldn't standardize.

10. Everyone has a different kind of happiness in life.
One more thing we can learn from Carrot Man is that everyone us of us is entitled to different kinds of success - not dictated by others, but what we want to achieve with ourselves. I'm glad that the photographers are very good managers for Jeyrick and aren't using him for personal gain or anything. And I sure hope that no matter what happens, Jeyrick will still be free to choose his own career path without industry pressure.

So yeah, that's basically 10 great moral lessons we can learn from Carrot Man. And since I'm so inspired by his sudden fame, here's an original song / composition that I made for him:

And here's a short MV / edit:

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