Friday, February 19, 2016

10+ Stereotypical Terms that Pinoys Call Common Items

"Pabili nga po ng Pampers." (Can I buy Pampers?)
"Yung EQ po na brand." (The EQ brand.)

Perhaps this scenario has been too familiar to us, when we accidentally call a grocery item something that it's not supposed to be call. Especially here in the Philippines, we have a lot of stereotypical names for common food items, grocery, other items and even other terms.

1. Colgate

Some people often say "Colgate" when they actually want to buy "Close-up" or "Hapee", which is kind of confusing.

2. Tasty

While this is not really confusing since people and bakeries will know what you're referring to when you ask for it, the correct term should be "white loaf bread". I think this stemmed from a brand of loaf bread named "Tasty" back in the early days.

3. Pampers

Most mothers and babysitters still often say "Pampers" when they want to buy "EQ", "Huggies" or any other brand. They even say "Pampers" when referring to adult diapers. LOL

4. Modess / Whisper

If most of you have watched the episode in Wowowin where this contestant was asked:
"Kung ang whistle ay pito, ano naman ang whisper?" (If whistle means whistle, what is whisper?)
"Napkin po!" (Sanitary Napkin!)
You'll get what I mean.

5. Windows

Some people refer to Operating System as Windows ("Pa-install nga po ng Windows.") since it's the most mainstream of all Operating Systems. You only hear the word Mac, Unix or Linux from high-class people and programmers.

 6. Coca-Cola / Pop Cola

Most people still refer to sofdrinks as  "Coca-Cola". In fact, in the 90s, some even call it "Pop" due to "Pop Cola" (always tama ang timpla).

7. Brownout

Funny that in western shows, they say "blackout" instead of "brownout". Brownout is only the dimming of lights due to slight sagging of electrical supply, while the correct term for power outage is blackout.

8. NSO

The term stands for "National Statistics Office" and is quite general. You have to add specifics, such as "NSO Birth Certificate" or "NSO Marriage Certificate". This shortening happens due to the fact that an NSO Birth Certificate is the most common requirement for any job, school or whatever.

9.  Ajinomoto

Back then, people refer to "vetsin" (MSG) as "Ajinomoto" from the brand. But nowadays, it seems to have been replaced with better options such as "Magic Sarap". (Sorry, I just have a salty tongue. I cry too much and my tongue constantly needs salt.)

10. Milo

Perhaps it's because Milo is the only chocolate malt drink we'll ever commonly know. We don't usually drink stuff like Swiss Miss or choco drinks unless we buy them from fast food chains or vendo machines. But now, it's slowly being replaced by Energen and Bear Brand Choco, making Milo somewhat strictly for athletes.

11. MTV

Many people still get this wrong, ugh. They often say "MTV" when referring to the "music video" of an artist. It's kind of annoying.

12. Minus One

This stemmed from cassette tapes before, where "minus one" means "karaoke version" or "instrumental version". So remember folks, use "karaoke" or "instrumental" if you want to search on YouTube for a contest piece background song.

Do you know more stereotypical Pinoy terms we call common items? 
Let me know below in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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