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"Rom-Com Me": My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore Movie Review (MMFF 2015)

Since me and my family has this yearly MMFF tradition, in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF 2015) we obviously got to see My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore on the first screen date, December 25, 2015 (obviously not the premiere night because I'm not rich, haha). This is also AlDub's first ever movie debut. As with my other MMFF movie reviews, here's my rundown on the movie.


If you have been following me on social media, you have probably guessed that the AlDub fandom is quite bittersweet for me due to the song contests and the fandom going super mainstream like the Pewds fandom. But don't worry, I'm pretty much over that. However, you may find some things here very critical of the movie. It is not because of my bittersweet feelings towards the fandom - I often make these criticisms on other mainstream and MMFF entries, so yeah.

Also, about the post title, I found out from a website (possibly Wiki or some news site) that the original title went something like "Rom-com-in mo ako" (Put me in a rom-com situation), which wasn't obviously a catchy title, but one I'd like to call very witty and non-mainstream in nature (since this IS directed by one of my favorite Talentadong Pinoy judges who makes the best points about what quality talent is, Jose Javier Reyes).


In the movie, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) play as Dondi and Anna, star-crossed Romeo and Juliet lovers who fall into the struggles of trying to hide their relationship from their elders, Ai Ai Delas Alas and Vic Sotto (as Cory and Vito), whose rivalry stemmed from a silly misunderstanding as shown in the trailer.

Sounds very cliche? Yes, but that's what mainstream films are all about. You can't show anything that's unique in the industry, especially that it was just a movie to "compliment" Kalyeserye but not overpower it. Most stories are actually very simple but when told in a witty way due to the director. In all honesty, if they had hired a different director, it would have looked cheaper. Did I mention that the company where Anna and Vito work for, "Carousel" might sound like and/or be a reference to "Kalyeserye"?

The movie is fairly short, but that's fine because it's not supposed to be something bigger than Kalyeserye itself, and was done in a very short period of time just to get to the MMFF deadline, so I'm fine with that. Too bad ABS-CBN's Pastillas Girl or Tomiho didn't make the spotlight earlier for a movie debut (but I'm not sure if they make a cameo on the other ABS entries).

Choice of Actors

I've seen previous movies of "Aising" (you know, er Ai Ai x Bossing love team) and I really loved them, so this is just keeping up with the pace. I think Ai Ai and Vic Sotto complement each other due to their nature in classic comedy that other celebrities, especially the younger generation, fail to grasp. Comedy isn't just about making references, it's about making the audience laugh on a situation that everyone can relate to and not just people who are loyal to your network. That's the strength of this film so far (last year we watched "Praybeyt Benjamin" and I couldn't understand all the Kapamilya-exclusive jokes they made).

Audience Impact

I'm not sure how it went for other cinemas but as far as the crowd in SM City San Pablo, it's not as much compared to last year when Vice Ganda's movie was shown (or from 2012's "Sisterakas" for that matter). Perhaps most of AlDubnation went to the premiere night? 

The Ads Issue

Okay so I obviously made a few mistakes while reviewing another previous MMFF entry, "My Little Bossings" just because I was bias with Ryzza. The in-movie advertisement was really bad and distracted the audience. I am so sorry for not noticing that sooner (I got a little grumpy with a certain reviewer from another channel but it's fine, I'm just easily fooled with mainstream back then, that's all). Obvious in-movie ads really ruin a movie and moreso if the story itself is already kind know what I mean.

But in "My Bebe Love #KiligPaMore", despite so many in-movie advertisements, almost none of them were even talked about in the movie but only shown, with the exception of Tide (Bossing: "Six pesos lang. Ako pa?" "Six pesos only.  Hey, it's me, right?"). But it still gives you that "hey let's find all the ads game" feeling, which is still a little bit distracting.


Having an ad-free box office MMFF movie with a complicated story seem like only possible in our dreams. After all, MMFF films ARE for the masses and not for the serious moviegoers. But overall, the movie is quite fun to watch if you're just looking for good fun and AlDub kulitan and kilig moments.

The bottom line is that, they should keep making movies that can be understood even if you're not Kapuso, Kapamilya, Kapatid, or if you're not shipping AlDub, Tomiho, and other Pinoy fandoms (but you can't put ads on historical films like Heneral Luna, right? Haha). It should be a universal film and not just for a certain fandom. (Side note: I liked Vice Ganda before because he/she was unique, but IDK what happened afterwards, I'm so terribly sorry, or maybe because I just got tired of the industry as a whole, finally).

Personally, I'd also like to try the other films, especially "Nilalang", starring Cesar Montano and the Japanese adult movie star, Maria Ozawa. Maybe, next year over at Cinema One.

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