Thursday, October 15, 2015

Don't Huge Me I'm Scared 5 Review: Do it Healthy!

The much-awaited DHMIS 5 (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5) is finally released, and the subject is, as most have guessed before, food. Here's my review:


The Kitchen Setting

Birdman / Robin stars in this video, as the two previous ones were for Manny / Yellow and Red / Harry.  Three new puppet teachers: a can of spinach, a slice of bread and a Mr. Meat all talk about food and which ones should be "healthy". This is the first of the series in which the song always gets interrupted by a phone call, presumably from Harry.

The Aftermath

Like all DHMIS videos, this one has gore, and I mean LOTS OF IT. It turns out that Birdman was cannibalized in a room whilst the teachers are teaching Yellow in the kitchen. The result: Birdman becomes Yellow's literal "chicken picnic".


Meanwhile, we see Harry calling from a telephone booth then leaving in the credits. He was the one trying to call the puppets but he failed to save them.

"All those fairy-tales are full of shit, one more fucking love song, I'll be sick."

The Moral Lessons and Symbolism

The gore aside, it has subliminal messages actually. The "boring" and "white" foods represent body shaming and diet trends - that we should always stay "fit" to be desirable and avoid the "fancy-looking" foods, especially with all these weight loss fads. I, myself, have gone through body shaming a lot of times and have been on the verge of anorexia before, so I can relate a lot to this episode. But yeah, in the end, all of us have our right to eat what we want. It's a right.

Harry trying to call his friends from the phone means that he wants them to "wake up" as well from the terrible nightmare, but it was probably too late for Birdman. It would seem that Yellow is the one who is the most gullible to the "mainstream" stuff (romance / religion, computers, "proper" diet, etc.) to the fact that he forgot about his friends. It's so bittersweet and it's happening to our reality today.

Also, we finally learn why Red got "killed off" and "wasn't invited to the party" in the last episode. Meat and company referenced this as they said "good foods are invited to the party" and "bad foods get thrown in the trash for being rude", since Red questioned Colin the Computer in the last one, and the same thing that Birdman did in this one. All that's left is our Yellow cinnamon roll.

Birdman being canned because he IS a bird. Well, it's the circle of life.

Final Thoughts


DHMIS 5 as a whole made more sense with telling the plot. With one more episode to wait for, I'm really excited as to whether Yellow will be saved or thoroughly drowned in "mainstream" culture, and whether old characters will return on the last one. But nonetheless, another round of applause to Becky and Joe! ' v '

Check out the video:

Side note: I'll be doing some fanworks for this later, so stay tuned!

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