Monday, October 19, 2015

DHMIS 5 DIY Kitchen Buddies

Since DHMIS 5 came out a few days ago, I've decided to do the new characters, just like my previous DIY puppets. Here are my DIY crafts of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5 new characters: Meat Man, Spinach Can, Bread Boy and Fridge.

Here's how I made Meat Man. I used actual small stones for his shoes so he'd become a sort-of paperweight. He has a removable meat fork made from toothpicks.

Spinach Can was rather easy and interesting to make. I just had to cut the finished body in half for the mouth and add some leaves and teeth. The can also has two removable utensils: a fork and a knife.

Bread Boy was the easiest, though it was pretty tough getting the details for a small character.

Fridge looked easy, but was actually very detailed because of all the sticky notes and stuff. I also put the "foreshadowing" drawing at the back, the Colin drawing and the number chart from DHMIS 4.

Here are some group photos with Harry (Red), Manny (Yellow) and Robin (Birdman), and with Roy and Oats. It just happened that I have a miniature table set from a fair some years ago.

And here are some silly photos I took with characters on real-life locations: Yellow drunk on the table, Spinach Can on the upper drawers, Bread Boy on the oven (no it wasn't turned on, of course) Harry and Birdman on the telephone, Fridge in the fridge (fridgeception) and Meat Man with a plate of luncheon meat.

Bonus: I also did DHMIS Audio's OC Marty the Megaphone and my OC Sophie the Spatula.

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