Friday, August 7, 2015

Philippines Losing the 2019 FIBA Hosting Bid: Good or Bad?

I know this sounds like one of my old posts about too much Pinoy Pride being overrated and bad for us, but with the recent proposal of hosting the 2019 FIBA world cup, the Philippines losing to China, the same country that's taken over our country by means of the business sector and the same ones claiming a small portion of our territories (because in reality, we are particularly called by other countries "nothing but house maids"), I'm here to explain that losing the FIBA bid isn't all that bad if you look at it another way.

It may sound like I'm siding with China or Japan, but no. I'm not siding with anyone: I'm just here to state the consequences of the worst that could happen IF we got the FIBA hosting bid:

More Tourism Income, More Political Corruption

That's it, period. There's a reason why we lost - other countries think that our politicians will just corrupt the income from tourism, and I think that's the reality that will happen, no matter how much we change the executives, there will always be corruption. It's a fricking social cancer and accept that. Best example: YOLANDA VICTIMS.

Japan Might Look Like They're Bias

Like it or not, it's a bad choice for Japan, who's starting to become our ally when it comes to those territory dispute stuff, since they, too, have a territory dispute with China along with other countries. They don't want it to sound like they're defending us, and yet still I saw on the news that China STILL accuses Japan of teaming up with the Philippines like what the hell. Wish they could all watch the movie Carrie (2013).

Face It, Not Enough Hotels

Or transportation (MRT) for that matter for the tourists. Hosting a world cup sports competition is not a walk in the park. We don't even have an all-connecting bridge to the rest of Visayas and Mindanao. A lot of road repairs just get our heads itching because the cement and asphalt are so sub-standard and corrupted that we might end up like those victims from Tragic Theater.

We Still Have Beauty Pageants

If we can't go for world cups or let alone the Olympics, we can just stick to what we do best: BEAUTY PAGEANTS, including being a sore loser for beauty pageants and Pacquiao fights and *insert really bloody mainstream industry rant here*

In Summary

I know we're gonna lose a lot of potential income from losing that bid. But hey, it's just like my works getting rejected by Wattpad, BlackInk, O2Jam / O2 Media / EMI Philippines, Dreamstime, Newgrounds, and every hobby that I'm bad at, and every person who left my life and whom I've left due to attitude problems, and all of those soap operas that you drown your eyes on (except the LGBT ones like My Husbands Lover and The Rich Man's Daughter, and that thing called AlDub).

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