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The #AlDub Story in a Nutshell (Updated as Needed)

So in case you missed my last blog post about Yaya Dub and you don't watch GMA-7 or you're not from the Philippines, there's a new hype going on around - it's the on-screen RPF (real person fiction) love team / pairing of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza), also known as the AlDub (or sometimes DubDen) shipping. Here's a rundown of how it all started and what happens next in this first of it's kind - the very first Pinoy Noontime Comedy-Infused Live Teleserye "Kalye Serye" on national television. 

How AlDub Was Born

It started out during the regular segment of Eat Bulaga's "Problem Solving" (July 16) where Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) was taken in to be a sidekick character to Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) to which Yaya Dub occasionally does her Dubsmash things to keep the audience laughing.

However, there was a certain time when Kapuso star Alden Richards (Bae Alden) was randomly sitting around the EB studio and the two exchange a rather cute long-distance wave. Was it love at first sight? Perhaps it could be. And thus, the "AlDub" pair was born.

The Next Steps

Because Alden often came to the studio to greet his precious Yaya Dub, the two form an unlikely on-screen friendship, turned crush, turned mutual understanding and possibly true love. Alden would also lipsync songs and the two would exchange their romantic lines through Dubsmashing.

The only person that stood in their on-screen relationship was Lola Nidora herself, to which Yaya Dub often hides her true feelings by being grumpy all the time, but secretly in kilig zone whenever Alden serenades her.

A Warning from Grandma

Because Lola Nidora wasn't very fond of young romance and because the AlDub pairing was cutting a lot of air time for the show, the grandmother often attempts to stop the exchange between Alden and Yaya Dub, which often leads to comic relief rather than that heartbreaking teleserye thorn in your heart. I generally don't watch soap operas due to my very sensitive temperament but this one has to be an exception. LOL

What really made me laugh is whenever Lola does the "babala" (warning) thing, in which she says "Babala" to Alden, followed by background spectators, "asawa ni?" (wife of?), and ended with "Babalu" (a legendary Pinoy comedian), which is totally hilarious!

Bouquet and Hany

In one particular episode, Alden sent a bouquet of flowers via a "riding in tandem" to his long-distance princess with chocolates - a pack of Hany! That was totally hilarious and yet cute at the same time.

At the background, Jimmy Santos (also called Lommy) is also courting Lola in his own way using the same split-screen method with romantic oldies songs, which adds to the fun factor of this mini-series.

Romeo and Juliet

Alden and Yaya Dub crying on split screen, July 25, 2015 episode.
Like all standard teleseryes we've seen, there will be a Romeo-and-Juliet part of the plot in which Lola and her guards always tried in vain to break the AlDub shipping by either locking Yaya Dub inside the van or on the top of a grilled house. This did not stop the two from exchanging lines, though.

The Cliffhanger

However, there is something that Lola Nidora had been keeping a secret from the audience. She says that she knows "something" about Alden that needs further evidence, so Yaya Dub should not continue with their relationship.

Riding in Tandem

Unfortunately for Lola, a sudden appearance of a Riding in Tandem took away the "Secret Diary" (also called "Book of Secrets" which allegedly contains information as to why Lola dislikes Alden for Yaya Dub.

Celia Rodriguez

With Alden often scolded by Lola, he rushes to the back of the studio, seeking help from his "aunt", played by Celia Rodriguez (insert Lola's new joke counterpart to Babala! Asawa ni Babalu - Celia! Asawa ni Celio). The two engage in word war to which Celia threatens Lola that she will come by the Problem Solving barangay to settle things and to set the AlDub relationship free from Lola's kind-of tyranny.

A New Mystery Caller

Who is it? Is it banker? Is it big brother? (Whoops, wrong channel!)

The Caller is Revealed

So apparently the caller is an Fernando Poe Jr. voice-a-like mysterious person who asks ransom money from Lola Nidora in exchange for the stolen diary (guess the riding-in-tandem guys were his 'boys') that holds the unnerving secret! Much to Alden's dismay, Lola asks him to do something about it and pay her the ransom money or else he won't be able to see Yaya Dub ever again...

Abduction and Lawsuit

It looks like Alden was abducted by (probably) Lola Nidora's men! At first people were reluctant to assume that it was Lola indeed, but after an episode, it was definitely proven as Alden tried in vain to escape despite being struck down and being all bloody and stuff. Then, Yaya Dub tries to cure Alden's wounds through the screen while accidentally doing onscreen kisses! So sweet!

After that, Lola Nidora was pretty much arrested by the police with a matching issue of a Warrant of Arrest for kidnapping Alden and locking him up. She doesn't appear in the next few episodes and is assumed to be in jail.

The Return of Doktora

Out of nowhere, Doktora the Explorer (a previous character of Wally Bayola before being Lola Nidora), who is the granddaughter of Lola, came by to visit Yaya Dub and Jose at the barangay and came to terms with the current situation. She is also revealed to be an avid #AlDub fan / supporter wearing a t-shirt.

A breaking news interrupted this episode to show that Lola Nidora has escaped from jail. With this situation, Doktora takes Yaya Dub to meet Alden (?) whilst ordering the remaining Rogelios (Lola's bodyguards) at the barangay to keep watch of Lola in case she arrives.

Frankie Arinoli

So Jose Manalo stands up as a character that plays the role of Frankie Arinoli, a rich guy whom Lola Nidora forces Yaya Dub to marry. Saddened by the news, Alden walks outside the studio in the rain and ends up in a hospital.

On the day of the wedding held Saturday, August 8, it was the nuptial of the so-called "YaKie" or Yaya Dub and Frankie, to which Alden finally FINALLY rushed to the wedding site in the hopes of stopping the wedding and meeting Yaya Dub, but unfortunately, there was a commotion before that and Yaya Dub fell unconscious and was taken somewhere not even Lola nor Frankie knows about. Now, they are all looking for Yaya Dub and Alden struggles in the hands of the Rogelios.

Aftermath of the Wedding

It seems that Yaya Dub is sick and was hospitalized, and now both Frankie and Lola Nidora are blaming Alden for such a thing. Frankie also sued Lola to return the expenses and the supposedly ransom money Lola would pay the mystery caller to save the secret diary.

Alden somehow got splashed with acid by Frankie, but later on in the next episode, we discover that his face was okay and that it was actually a simple mouthwash that hit him. Alden and Yaya Dub resumed their split-screen long distance romance.


On Yaya Dub's performance at the "Bulaga Pa More, Dabarkads Pa More" segment, she becomes a Cinderella of sorts, and must escape the performance (stage) by midnight or she "will turn into a squash / pumpkin" by an evil witch (also Wally Bayola / Lola Nidora).

Yaya: I have to go...

Alden: Wait, yung sapatos mo!

Unfortunately, since Lola had Alden to do a challenge (filling up a tub of water a.k.a. pag-iigib ng tubig), he briefly missed Yaya Dub's performance and only found one of her slippers as he knelt down in despair (even the whole Dabarkads were disappointed and most were crying).

Hoy Kahoy

In one Saturday episode during their first monthsary, Alden had to face a challenge that involved carrying some firewood from the studio all the way to a meeting point somewhere in EDSA. Everyone takes this as a fun run of sorts, in which Alden succeeds in his challenge.

Enter Duhrizz

A sexy figure named Duhrizz (Wally Bayola) enters the Kalyeserye and attempts to seduce Alden and is a bit jealous of Yaya Dub. Duhrizz (or Doris actually) is Lola Nidora's granddaughter.

A Second Shot at Frankie's Wedding

There was another wedding planned and happened, which is more dramatic than the first one, since Lola Nidora is sick and dying, as announced by a certain doctor (Dr. Tan Ning). Alden respects and makes a promise to Lola to not interrupt the wedding anymore, even if it means losing Yaya forever in the hands of Frankie, which made all viewers burst into tears. Luckily, the pastor was an "impostor" (Pastor M. Postor) and the marriage was not valid after all. Lola Nidora ends the commotion saying that she just bribed Frankie for the money for the diary ransom, and that she was faking her illness to test AlDub, and that "money can't buy true love".

Lola Tidora

A new character, Lola Tidora (Paolo Balesteros), appears as Nidora's twin and rival, who constantly blackmails her with leaking pictures on social media. Meanwhile, Alden receives a second challenge of buying pili and pasalubong all the way from Bicol.

Lola Tinidora and Kalye's Angels

Another character, Lola Tinidora (Jose Manalo) enters the scene and we are presented with a triplet of sisters called "Kalye's Angels", who are all still discussing and theorizing who is the real mother of Yaya Dub. Isadora (also played by Maine Mendoza in another episode) then later appears but her screentime isn't as much and not much is revealed on her true relationship with her alleged daughter, Yaya Dub / Divina Ursula.

Swimming Challenge

In a second challenge for the "countdown to tamang panahon", Alden goes through a swimming challenge by Lola Nidora and accomplishes it. (Side note: this is where I finally conclude AlDub is like Makoto x Gou from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club)

Battle for a Cause: The First Meeting

In a wildcard edition of Bulaga Pa More (September 5), Yaya Dub and Alden go head-to-head with their performance on Broadway Centrum, but they were both tempted to meet each other despite the warning of Lola Nidora. Yaya Dub impressed everyone by playing live drums, adding to her dubsmash performance with the Rogelios, as rehearsed with Tinidora.

They meet backstage, to which they make history - for the first time, they finally meet. However, a plywood shutters down between them, planned by Nidora, saying that they shouldn't have betrayed her trust. Unfortunately, even before the lecture ends, Yaya Dub was kidnapped by unknown ninjas.

I Will Find You

The rest of the episodes after this focused on finding Yaya Dub, who was kidnapped by an unknown entity. Posters were everywhere - even abroad! In one episode, she finally breaks free but gets captured yet again by some guys in a van. What's worse - even Alden is captured! (There was also an episode where almost all of the characters were looked back upon as potential suspects, even Frankie and the fake pastor).

The Abduction: Second Meeting

In this really high-rated episode (September 12), Yaya Dub and Alden were both kidnapped as we know, but it's now revealed that Duhrizz was the one behind the scenes. Despite the abduction scene, Yaya and Alden both meet for the second time, and were blindfolded for a bit.

AlDub #KiligPaMore!
They even got to have an indirect kiss when they had to sip through the same Starbucks coffee from Duhrizz. However, in the end, Alden was taken away but Duhrizz was caught by SWAT (Sisters With ATitude, or Tinidora and Tidora), gets some lecturing on jealousy, and the blonde girl says her apologies. After a few episodes, it's revealed that Yaya Dub won the Bulaga Pa More wildcard round and is advancing to the finals.

Saturdate: Third Meeting

For the 2nd monthsary of AlDub, Lola Nidora presents a gift, in which Alden will be able to take Yaya Dub for a real date! Yaya is then taught some basic etiquette for their upcoming date. On the big day (September 19), Yaya Dub goes to Broadway Centrum on a cute new-model VW Beetle. Meanwhile, Alden also pays his respects (nag-mano) for Maine's family in the audience. Before the date, a getting-to-know-each-other game was first played so that Yaya Dub and Alden would meet step by step.

At the site of their date, they got to talk more, despite being divided by a long table (set up by Nidora), and they were enjoying everything until an alarm clock indicating Lola Nidora's medicine time rings, so Yaya had to go home in a hurry, leaving their date quite devastated. Even if Nidora wanted her to stay at the date in the end, she didn't go back and went straight home, but unfortunately, meets a car accident, that left everyone in suspense.

"Lola . . ."

Yaya Dub is revealed to be okay after the car accident, albeit with a head bandage. Unfortunately, she passes out off-screen, with a somewhat-haunting voice saying "Lola...", but it is currently unconfirmed if this is her real voice.

The Mansion Visit

Much later, since Lola Nidora's conditions on the date were fulfilled, Alden is now granted access to the mansion. On a Saturday episode, September 26, EB declared a "National Pabebe Wave Day" to spread out positive vibes for the special visit. The character Rihanna (Wally Bayola) who is a parody of that RNB singer, is revealed and is the "mayordoma" (chambermaid or steward idk) of the household. Alden and Yaya attempted fulfill the 3 conditions during the visit: 1) no touch 2) Alden sings "God Gave Me You" live and 3) bring food to the EB dabarkads on the studio as well.

However, the first one was accidentally unfulfilled because of an accident where Yaya / Maine choked on her food and Alden had to hand over a glass of water, in which they accidentally held hands. Lola Nidora didn't see it so everything was fine, though. The visit was fun and full of comic relief, as Tinidora tries to push Alden to Yaya / Maine so they could accidentally touch again. Maine / Yaya Dub's voice is also heard more bluntly with the words "This Must Be Love!"

However, during the Monday episode, it was revealed that Alden forgot to bring food to the dabarkads so he forgot to fulfill the third condition, but Tinidora says it's alright because of the curfew and he's forgiven by Nidora.

Honesty is the Best Policy

The week follows through with a lot of Yaya Dub / Maine dubsmashing her own voice. A certain "Bill" foreigner comes to call and eventually visit Tinidora. Bill is Tinidora's ex who allegedly cheated on her, saying that his love was "Juan for All, All For One" and that he lied when he said that she (Tinidora) was the only one. Coincidentally, Alden went on to confess his and Yaya's accidental hand-holding during the Mansion visit, which enrages Nidora, of course. However, since Alden and Yaya told the truth instead of keeping it a secret, Lola forgives them and makes a speech on how honesty is important in any relationship, be it romantic, familial, friendship or any other. They were supposed to have a movie date reward but it was pulled out as fair punishment. Nonetheless, let's see what the Saturday special and the weeksary will give us.

AlDub Meets TVJ (Tito, Vic and Joey)

As proposed by Lola Nidora, the Explorer sisters take Yaya Dub to Broadway Centrum to meet the Dabarkads and of course, Alden. On the side show of the big event was the "Lommy" romance or Lola Nidora x Jimmy (Santos).

Alden and Yaya Dub shake hands.
"Wish I may (Maine), wish I might..."
Upon winning a rock-paper-scissors game, Alden not only gets to sit on a small table with Yaya on the big date along with the Dabarkads for the big welcome feast, Alden and Yaya Dub also got to shake hands with each other as a reward.

After a nice harana or serenade from TVJ as promised, Lola Nidora proposed that Alden and Yaya switch places as part of Alden's courting challenges. Yaya will stay in Broadway Centrum and Alden will be the one on the barangays in Juan For All / Sugod Bahay. However, an unexpected thing happens when Rihanna calls for an emergency. What happened to the mansion?


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AlDub Forever

Released: July 25, 2015
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