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PNoy's Final SONA 2015: A Comprehensive Review

So it's final report of the President of the Philippines, President Noynoy Aquino. Here's a comprehensive live review of the State of the Nation Address or SONA 2015 this July 27, 2015, Monday.

Infrastructure such as Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway

Great project and I would applaud. However, are we sure that the expressway's structural materials are sturdy enough to go through Yolanda or Glenda-like typhoons? Nonetheless, I'd take this is as a good shot.

Score: 8/10

Mention of Previous Administration Anomalies

Fertilizer Fund Scam, ZTE Scandal. Hello Garci and Budgeting Tactics. Perhaps this is a broken record that everyone hates, but oh well, let's give way because this IS his last SONA, right?

Score: 3/10

Discovery of Various Anomalies Upon 2010 Presidency

Every administration has its struggles and challenges. He was able to remove some corruption issues but not all of them.

Score: 4/10

Ousted and Relieved Government Officials

Chief Justice Renato Corona, the jailed 3 Senators and hospital-arrested PGMA. Why not? It's a big step against corruption, even though it seems a bit "selective" for others. At the very least, it's something more than the previous administration, that's for sure.

Score: 7/10

Big Tax Collection and GOCC Dividend Increase

Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations and the Campaign Against Tax Evasion. Again, while tax collection is a good thing for the economy and the government, we have to make sure that there will be less than 5% corruption and see our taxes into action, e.g. MRT maintenance.

Score: 5/10

Economic Rise of the Philippines

Apparently, we are now hailed as the Rising Tiger of Asia, with more Foreign Investors, according to the numbers. While it IS true that our economy has truly risen over the past years of PNoy's term, I'm afraid only the upper class people could feel the change and rise of their money's worth.

Score: 6/10

Less OFWs

Great news! We don't have to deal with a lot of those sad, cliche OFW illegal recruitment and abuse stories anymore. Well, I hope so. 

Score: 7/10

Low Unemployment Rate and Better Jobs

Better jobs? I hope it's not just about employment but also something for those who want to establish their own business instead of being a slave to companies owned by foreigners.

Score: 6/10

4Ps (Pantawid Pamilya Program)

The 4Ps program may have some "leaks" and alleged anomalies but yeah, you gotta admit that it can sometimes help some of the less fortunate.

Score: 6/10

Improvement on Schools

Low Out of School Youth rate and less "backlog" on the education sector, and also the well-known K-12 program and the TESDA graduates. While the K-12 program and TESDA programs are great when it comes to improving our education quality, I think it needs to have a few tweaks with all schools, especially the private sector, to have mandatory board passer teachers nationwide (seriously) or else the children will suffer with low-quality education.On the other hand, if K-12 will focus on specialty and actual job aims for every graduate then that's fine.

Score: 7/10 

Health and Wellness

PhilHealth is still a great and going-strong program by the government, since after all, a large percentage of the Filipino's lifestyle is to stay healthy and be medically insured. But it would've been better if it would be a bit similar to the abroad style of including doctor fees rather than just emergency and hospitalization fees. In that way, people will be more confident to see a doctor without worrying about the 300 to 500 pesos professional fee.

Score:  6/10

Business Sector 

So far, alright. We may not see it, but perhaps the government IS working to help the SMEs to blossom more.

Score: 6/10

Electricity and Solar Technology 

Investing in solar and renewable technology is always a good thing, especially in our country where solar energy is very, very useful and accessible.

Score: 8/10

Aviation and Airports

Yep, you've heard that news about the Category 1 upgrade and the Philippines now being allowed to fly to certain countries without stopovers and some restrictions. But are we sure that airport staff services still live up to their reputation?

Score: 7/10

MRT Problems

Somehow, the President sidetracks to the maintenance operators as the ones who are responsible for such problems. Unless corruption when it comes to the bidding process is completely removed, there will be hell in your daily MRT rides.

Score: 3/10

Warfare Equipment Investment

While investing in expensive fighter jets and similar war equipment is alright and needed in case any certain dominant and abusive country tries to invade us once again, it shouldn't be the top priority.

Score: 4/10

Solutions to Yolanda Problems

So apparently, they're planning to use bigger transportation to send more help to the Yolanda victims. While that's great, I think there should be CCTVs too, in case someone tries to hoarde the goods to themselves.

Score: 4/10

Police Force and Crime Rates

With the new chief ordering all the police force to spread out to the streets instead of sitting on their desks and patrol cars all day, you can expect some hope in reinstating trust to the common mamang pulis. Also, I think there should be more than just CCTVs but actual rounding police force in the streets to improve safety.

Score: 5/10

Deal with Private Sector

I think this is a bit of a plus point for the administration. He mentioned the increase of car sale rate in the Philippines. Maybe he wants it to be like what dad says on abroad - a lifestyle wherein even regular sales clerks could own a Mercedes or similar car brand. I really hope that there will be an increase in earnings for every worker - employee or business owner.

Score: 6/10

More State Visits

Are we becoming popular? Yes, probably. Let's hope it's not because we are being watched for corruption.

Score: 6/10

Bangsamoro Basic Law

I think this is a very good thing to lessen the racism against the people from the south. Racism and discrimination has always been a problem with us Luzon people because we always label people from the south and calling them names and telling the world that it's not safe to stay there due to rebels. Remember that rebels exist because they are not content with the government, so it's also the government's part to make amends.

On the flip side, we should do our parts too, as citizens, and not be racist or selfish towards the people from the south. We should give them an equal amount of industry and technological advancement so that people don't have to ship goods from the north to the south at an extra cost. Let's hope the BBL can truly unite the Philippines.

Score: 9/10

Anti-Dynasty Law

YES! He mentioned it! Finally! *inserts Ariel theme song here*

Score: 9/10

Gratitude to Cabinet Members

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Gratitude is always the ending conclusion of most speeches and it's a great thing.

Score: 8/10


I think that the Aquino administration, despite some of the major fallbacks and bad social media coverage, did a better job than the previous administration. Corruption is already a cancer in our society due to the average Filipino's natural desire for being better than others and going the easy way.

At the very least, we should give thanks to PNoy that there was lesser corruption and that he did some great things that others have not done before, such as impeach a chief justice, improve the economy and other things that marks as a passing grade.

Remember that there is no perfect president and that being on office is harder than you think. It's easy to impose a project but you'd have to go through "due process" and get everyone's opinion. After all, all of us have different opinions, even more that we are a hodge-podge of various races. But I'm still hoping that there will be a time when Filipinos will not envy their fellow Filipinos nor be onion-skinned to criticism.

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Overall Average Rating: 6 / 10

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