Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pluto Flyby 2015: Astronomy has Reached "New Horizons"

Have you heard the latest news on the Pluto Flyby this July 14, 2015? Looks like the spacecraft New Horizons has finally reached its destination, the dwarf planet Pluto!

This is going to be really exciting not only because I'm totally interested with astronomy and extra-terrestrial stuff, but also because we've never seen Pluto this up-close before...

A photo posted by NASA (@nasa) on
So as you can see from NASA's official Instagram post, Nasa is surprisingly not that icy cold white as we often depict it to be - it's actually in a brown red like color!

There also seems to be a heart-shaped spot in the planet, looks like Pluto is sending us some love!

New Horizon's journey to Pluto started out in 2006 and it traveled all the way to the dwarf planet for many years, and I believe that the wait is all worth it.

I will update and edit this post if ever there are more new pictures of Pluto from New Horizons coming our way!

Here are some new pictures! The one on the left is Charon, Pluto's moon, and the right one is Hydra, one of Pluto's "smaller" moons. Apparently, scientists call the black spot on Charon as "Mordor". LOL

 This one is the surface of Pluto as taken by the New Horizons spacecraft in full detail from NASA.

Frozen ice plains close up picture of Pluto from New Horizons!

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