Friday, July 17, 2015

Food and Candy Poisoning in the Philippines 2015: Should You Be Alarmed?

Recently, there has been a lot of food and candy poisoning in the Philippines this 2015, from June to July. This is for the Durian Candy, Mangosteen Candy, Macapuno Candy (and allegedly Mango Candy too), as well as the Plastic Rice, Plastic Bihon, Fake Salt, etc. Should you be alarmed? Here are my thoughts, speculations, theories and opinions:

Poison Candy in the Philippines

As from what I have read in the news, there were two cases of candy poisoning using durian and mangosteen (or maybe it was macapuno) candy separately. One was from Mindanao (where nearly 2,000 people were affected) and one was from Manila just recently.

There are actually common similarities between these two candy poisoning cases:

1. Both were outside vendors who targeted schools.
2. From both cases, students said that they "felt sorry for the vendor/s" due to some tragic family cause or educational cause that's why they bought the candy to help the vendor/s out.

With these facts in hand, I think, well, in my honest opinion, this could be the work of one big group having the same style and motive - mass poisoning. If it was just that one case in Mindanao it would be isolated, alright. But when this case from Manila showed the same tactics, then I doubt that it's still food mishandling.

Plastic Food in the Philippines

Then there's also the "fake rice" or "plastic rice" discovered recently, followed by bihon (noodles) and even iodized salt!? Well, there is a saying in Tagalog that says "kung walang ulam ngayon, magdildil sa asin" (if you have no meals today, pick up the salt instead).

The intriguing thing is that most of these "fake rice" were from Chinese sacks and labels.

But what's the cause of all this?

I'm not gonna say anything yet, but I smell something really fishy, I mean, really FISHY. It's so fishy that it's from the ocean.


It's not my thing to say what's going on here since I'm not NBI or any expert at this thing. But what I think is that our country maybe too slow in trying to resolve these cases because corruption is an incurable form of Cancer. Corruption exists among fellow Filipinos while discrimination exists with the "other" people.

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