Sunday, July 12, 2015

Alamat: Philippine Folk Tales into Modern Pinoy Animation

Today, I chanced upon yet another very awesome GMA-7 series (seriously, GMA has awesome stuff when it comes to unique content, a.k.a. My Husband's Lover). Titled "Alamat", it's a modern retelling of Pinoy folk tales into crafty and colorful original Filipino animation. Here's my review of the first episode, titled "Alamat ng Bayabas" (Legend of the Guava Fruit).

 Story Delivery

The intro reminded me of Frozen with the singing and stuff, but yeah it was kinda cool. So it's apparently about a greedy king who took from his townspeople and left them with almost nothing.

Moral and Art Values

I think that the Alamat project is a great way not just to reintroduce Pinoy folk stories to kids of the modern social media age and also to showcase, highlight and reintroduce our very own Pinoy talents and Filipino cartoonists and animators whose skills are being used abroad.

I mean let's face it - other countries have their own cartoon series and yet we only have a few shorts and short films. I think this is a good headstart. There was a Super Inggo series over at Hero TV but I don't know if kids appreciated that.

Tagalog Voice Acting and Dubbing

I like how Pen Medina dubbed Haring Barabas and I believe all the other casts especially the kid, did a great job on the dubbing. I think we should also practice our real dubing skills and not just dubsmash.


Overall, "Alamat" is yet another awesome work by GMA-7 and I hope not only do we hear more actors and actresses or personalities to do the voices, I'm hoping for well-directed and well-produced animation shorts in the next episode! If it gets to my childhood folk tale, "Si Langgam at si Tipaklong" (The And and the Grasshoper), I will definitely write my review here too!

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