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20 Lessons in Life Learned from Minecraft

There are many things that can be learned from playing Minecraft, and here are some of them. Minecraft is an adventure game by Mojang / Microsoft that can be played at your own pace. Here are 20 Lessons in Life Learned from Minecraft:

1. The World is Yours to Paint

Minecraft is like playing LEGO blocks; you become creative and realize that the real world is like Minecraft itself - you can build whatever you want and be whatever you want to be.Whether you play Survival or Creative  mode, Minecraft pushes you to be more creative than ever.

2. Go Up High, The Ground Hits You Hard

This is taken both literally and figuratively. It's not just when you climb up Extreme Hills and fall down really hard, it's also when you level up a lot and then you suddenly get killed and all of your experience points are lost when you respawn. In real life, when we become too high of ourselves, especially celebrities, we fall to the ground real hard when we do.

3. Everything Has an Equal Price

Think about it: diamonds and emeralds in the game are hard to find, as well as gold. It's just like real life - when you use something, you have to replace it and work hard to find more resources. Trading at villages is like buying from the grocery store.

4. Prepare for the Worst

Especially if you are on Survival Mode and venture into the night near your home or go into a new place or biome, you always need to watch for danger, just like in real life. There are many people (or mobs in this case) who might steal your stuff.

5. Don't Be Too Greedy

Diamonds and emeralds are often found underground near lava. Don't be too greedy or you could fall into your own demise. In server games, some people put traps under trees so that when newbies cut them relentlessly, they will learn their lesson, same goes for chests. This is just like in real life - Minecraft teaches us not to be too greedy.

6. The Sky is the Limit

Another literal and metaphorical meaning, since when you build in Minecraft, especially in the Pocket Edition, you can't go past the sky limit. 

7. Everyone Needs a Rest

Going to bed not only heals your health - it also skips to the next day (especially if you're in the middle of the darkness without a proper home) and if you sleep earlier by sunset, you can avoid the chance of mob spawning. As the saying goes, "early to bed, early to rise".

8. Be Resourceful

There are plenty lots of resources in the world of Minecraft and you can use them for your advantage or to help others if you are on a server. For instance, ladders and signs can stop water and lava flow. 

9. Don't Waste Your Time

Just like in real life, you can cook food and smelt ores while you're doing other things like harvesting, breeding animals, etc. Minecraft day and night cycle is very quick so you have to make the most of it before daylight hits zero.

10. Don't Wander Off Too Far

Unless you have a lot of coal or wood for torches, don't wander off too far or you might end up getting lost forever. While Minecraft maps can be edited and cheated using MCEDIT, in real life, there's no such thing and you have to do things manually.

11. Always Keep the Light Beside You

Light in real life protects us from the darkness and also keeps the evildoers from doing their secret things. Just like that, in Minecraft, having a lot of torches and light sources beside you can help lessen mobs from spawning.

12. Don't Dive Too Deep

Especially if you are exploring ocean monuments, just like in real life, even if you have the necessary gear, the pressure of the waters can get to your health so you have to be careful. This also applies in mining too deep without a proper escape route. In real life, when you delve too deep on something, it's sometimes a bit hard to get yourself out of it.

13. Know Your Limits

Minecraft may be an infinite game, but there are limits. You shouldn't attack zombie pigmen if you don't have a nice enchanted sword or armor to defend yourself. Bottom line is don't get into things that you know you are weak in.

14. Protect Yourself and Your Treasured Things

Just like in real life, we should be prepared for other people who might steal the things that we worked so hard to obtain, even if it is just a material thing. 

15. Don't Waste Valuable Resources

If you are low on iron or gold, don't waste it on crafting a lot of unnecessary tools. If there aren't trees around you, especially if you built a home on the desert, save up on wood. Yeah, it's just like in real life, and more because prices and bills are on the rise and not proportion to our salaries anymore.

16. Don't Play with Fire (or Lava)

Taken figuratively and literally in the game. Synonymous with "Prepare for the Worst" and "Don't Be To Greedy" mentioned above.

17. Always Play it Safe

Same with "Know Your Limits". Don't go into places that might endanger you or your valuables.

18. Make Constant Reminders of Things

In Minecraft, you can craft a Book and Quill to keep track of things in the game, much like post-it notes in real life, or you can just write it on Notepad or on any piece of paper you want, or even on your phone. But the bottom line is, you should make constant reminders so that the next time you open the game, you'll know what you need to do next to avoid wasting time.

19. Be Patient

This is more applicable to fishing, just like in real life. But it could also be applicable to enchantments, since they are also randomized and getting a rare enchantment is very hard and you will need sheer luck to get it. Just be patient and you might soon get Looting, Fortune and other great enchantments.

20. Everything has an End

Yes, I'm referring to The End, where you have to defeat the Ender Dragon to "finish" the game. Just like in real life, we are all destined for one path - to someday die. But before that, we can enjoy life and live it to the fullest. 


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