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Silhouette Mirage: Japanese / English Differences

Silhouette Mirage is a 90s side-scrolling 2D game that involves very challenging gameplay, and I happened to be one of those who played this during the years I still had my PSX / Playstation One. I played the Working Designs English translation of the game, but I also got curious of the Sega Saturn and the Japanese PSX version, so I checked out those too.

Silhouette Mirage English version featuring Shyna and Zohar Metatron encountering Dynamis. Holy titanic tuna indeed!

I didn't play the SS version but I saw some gameplays on YouTube. However, I did play the Japanese PSX version just to test out the differences. Here are some of the notable things I found.

Sega Saturn Differences

  • The graphics are smoother compared to the PSX versions (both English and Japanese). 
  • The loading times were also considerably shorter. In fact, even the Jap PSX version loads faster (or maybe it's because my Eng version was a CD).
  • No Geluve (Cherub 02) and no Reaper (Zachary / Zecharias) either.
  • Everything is roughly the same as the Japanese version other than those said above.

PSX Japanese Version Differences (and Notable Screenshots)

Nardo / Paracelus' Cosplay?

There's a line there where Shyna says "what the heck are you cosplaying? A samurai?" to Nardo / Paracelus, which I think is kind of hilarious.

WTF Goliath

When you first face Goliath, he just says "hm, hm! hm, hm!" that fills out the entire dialogue window. Seriously, this screenshot makes you want to burst out in laughter.

Surprised Shyna

Same as the Goliath screenshot, but this time with Shyna, albeit only a few "ehh?"s on the dialogue with Pablo (Wolf form).

Thousand Credits Zohar

I don't really remember Zohar in the nexus battle having 1000 credits in the English version!

9999 Credits Delia

The same with the Zohar thing but this time with Delia. In the English version it was only 5000 credits. Either way, even if he is the richest character / boss in the game, you can't take his money! LOL

Sepher Ha/Za Zohar

I know that "Cypher" was just an English variation of "Sepher", but they actually spelled out his (or her in SP's case) full name on the dialogue, which is pretty special!

Censored Sprites

I'm sure all SilMira fans know about this, but here are my screenshots of the original burning cross (after the Cypher or Serah battle) that was replaced by a dragon in the English version, as well as the smoking rabbit sprite that was edited out in the English version and replaced with a thumbs up.

The Messenger is my Sister

In the Japanese version, Clod (Armageddon) already calls Shyna (Sinner) "onee-chan" (sister) from the first dialogue, followed by the beginning of the battle where he says "Sayonara da yo, onee-chan." (This is goodbye, sister.) 

Side note: I also think Clod is most definitely a male because in the Japanese version, he sounds very much like those little anime boys, or Malak / Malachim for that matter.

No Spirit Draining

This part of the Jap version actually sucks for me, since I got used to the Eng version where you can drain other people's SP and not have to worry about buying SP (Fatima) from the rabbit store. Now I have to fight everyone there as if I'm fighting Zohar or Clod LOL.

But I guess something that's kind of awesome in the Japanese version is that when I use certain high-consumption parasites like Grattoni / Gluttony or Priday / Pride in the Japanese version, they don't consume as much SP compared to the English  version (and that's how I was able to beat Sepher/Cypher Zohar easily without having to worry about the SP).

Parasite Prices

I've heard that there are BIG changes with parasite prices from the Japanese to the English version. While it's true that parasites are like, waaayyy more expensive in the English version, each of them actually vary in prices, compared to the Japanese version where all level 1's are priced the same (50 credits), all level 2's are priced the same (100 credits), and so forth. 

Also, it's a bit frustrating that Surosa / Sloth level 6 in the Japanese version is like, 900 credits, compared to 300 credits only in the English version. You'd have to cash bash a lot of pumpkins for that!

No Super Fighter Core / Zohar Credits

Well, at least that's the good side of the English version, although you have to beat the game like 4 times (go through all paths including the Reaper) to get the Super Fighter Core mini-game.

Voice Counterparts

Since I know a bit of Japanese, I could list down some of the notable voice clips in the Japanese version and the English voice clip counterparts. The list is from English version to Japanese version. 

I'm still not sure on how to translate some of them, especially the long ones, since the audio is kind of low quality from the game. The ??? are for words I don't understand. I'm also going to list the voice acting notes that I noticed between the two versions.

Shyna Nera Shyna / Sinner Neutlarva Sinner
Her voice is most exactly like the English version, no explanation needed.
  • Parasite Bomb! -> PARASAITO! (Parasite)
  • Power Punch! -> Tondeke! (Fly!)
  • Ouch! -> Itee! (It hurts!) 
  • Let's go! -> Ikuzo! / Iku ga! (same meaning) not sure about this one
  • (death scream) -> Itee! Mou dame... (It hurts! I can't go on...) totally less annoying than the WD version!
  • I did it! -> Sasuga, Seigi no Shisa ne! (As expected from the Messenger of Justice!) or Seigi no Shisa, fu(?)katsu! (The Messenger of Justice has triumphed!)

Zohar / Zophar Metatron & Sandalphon
Their voices weren't filtered with a phaser/flanger compared to the English version (and yet I still can't understand most of what they're saying, especially those from MT!). Metatron's voice is really awesome, though (huge MT fan here). Sandalphon's voice reminds me of how Mai Kujaku / Mai Valentine from Yu-Gi-Oh! was voiced in the original Japanese version.
  • I'll CRUSH you! -> Kudakero! (Be crushed!)
  • (Zohar MT yelping) -> Nani? (What?) it does sound kind of weird MT taking damage saying this
  • Saa, otenami haiken da na. (translation / counterpart needed, can anyone help?)

  • There's no escape for you now! -> Iku wa yo! (Here I come!)
  • Aha, take this! -> Kurae! (same meaning)
  • Farewell. -> Sayonara. (same meaning)
  • Ahaha! Go easy on me. -> (giggle) Kekkage(?) shite ne. (same meaning) 
  • Well, time to get serious. -> Saa, honki wo dashite. (same meaning)

Bug / Moses
Has a similar voice but more of a Japanese feel and a bit rougher than the cute, fairy-sounding English version.

  • Summon Energy Spring! -> Hane(?) matsuri! (Feather? festival)
  • Oh, how embarassing, erm! -> Yarare shimashita! (I'm done for!)
  • Do your best, erm. I'll see you again soon, yes! -> NEXT AREA, ???shiteruze, agego! (Here's the next area!)
  • Kochi de yo! (Over here!) not sure which English counterpart
  • Keep an eye out for those guardian angels, yes! ->Tondeku! Omakase, agego! (Fly high! I'm counting on you!) I'm not sure if these two long lines are the counterparts of each other

Megido / Megiddo
This guy totally sounds different in the Japanese version - he's a lot, uh, manlier, much like how Hal was voiced.

  • Kill Wave! -> HAI POWERU! (High Power!) seriously?
  • Surprise! -> Dete koi temera! (Come forth, my minions!) used when summoning the pumpkins
  • Oh, you are good... -> Y-aru jane ka... (Y-you're pretty good...)
  • Burning Arrow! -> ??? yaro (or arrow)!
  • Watch this! -> Ikuze! (Here it comes!)

Most exactly like it's English counterpart, except she also speaks when you or your enemy loses a third of his or her SP.

  • Caution, power status, critical. -> Konkai, tairyoku red zone. (same meaning)
  • Caution, spirit status, critical. -> Shougai butsu, tairyoku red zone. (same meaning)
  • Konkai, kougeki ryoku down. (Power status down.) no English counterpart
  • Shougai butsu, kougeki ryoku down. (Spirit status down.) no English counterpart

Grigg / Griggori Shemazai
He surely has the rock star accent even in the Japanese version, so it's not a problem.

  • Guh, I feel yucky! (and vomit noise) -> Kimochi warui ze! (I feel sick!)
  • Let's get dizzy, eh, luvy? -> Mawaru ze! (Time to spin!)

Nardo / Paracelus
Samurai accent, much like in the English version, but less annoying.
  • Mada mada! (Not yet, not yet!) actually has no English counterpart, English used "ah, get it on!" instead

Dynamis / Dyunamis 06
Not much difference, much like Shyna's voice.

  • Candy, candy candy! - Ame tabetai! (I want to eat sweets!)

He's much like his English counterpart, so no question there.
  • Ah yes, this looks like good-bye! (laughing) -> Sore de wa, sayonara. (laughing)

Wolf Pablo roughly sounds the same. Normal Pablo on the other hand sounds a little higher pitched in the Japanese version.

  • Take this! -> Kurae! (same meaning) same as Zohar SP I guess
  • Get back! Get away, get away! -> Iya da, iya da, iya da! (No, no, no!) non-wolf Pablo 
  • Gah, you're too good! -> Yaru ja ne ka! (same meaning)

Totally sounds gayer in the Japanese version, I swear. Makes you wonder his sexuality for real. Also, he doesn't have that evil laughter when he explodes, but either way it's awesome.

  • Behold, the beauty of shadow! -> Miro, kore ga bi (?) no sekai da! (Have a look at the world of shadows!)

Same as how Shyna and Dynamis were voiced and roughly same as the English version.

  • Let's make this a good one! -> Tenkyuuku itemimasho! Sore! (Let's test your luck!)
  • Watch your step! -> Teeen! Tara tara! (just some onomatopoeia I guess)
  • A big winner! -> Ooatari! (same meaning)
  • A big loser! -> Oohazure! (same meaning)
  • Thanks for playing, loser! -> Mata raishuu! (See you next week!)

Delia / Delilah
Not much difference except that in the Japanese version, he still remains calm when the limo is going to crash and the soup tasted gross (for a Mirage, that is). Ends most of his sentences with "tte", much like how Pegasus in Yu-Gi-Oh! elongates every last vowel of his sentences (and they are both high-royalty billionaires with lost wives).

  • Watch where you're driving, idiot! -> Abunai desu tte. (It's dangerous.)
  • I'll make you soup fit for a king! -> Watashi no kanpeki naru ryoori wo miro! (I'll show you my perfect cooking!)
  • More! More! -> O-kurai desu tte. (Take this! feminine manner) not exactly sure
  • (coughing sound) Dear Lord, that's terrible! -> Mazui desu tte. (Tastes disgusting.)
  • It needs a little more, uhm, salt. -> Dondon o-irenasai tte. (probably same meaning)
  • I underestimated the power of soup! -> Yateraremasen desu tte. (I failed.)

Serah / Serahpim 01
The butterfly G.A. sounds different in the Japanese version - she's more "cute" and "moe" and stuff, compared to the Gehena-like voice in the English  version.

  • Destruction Clarion! - Hageshi Clarion! (same meaning)

Yona Division / Jonah Division
Roughly the same but less annoying and on a higher pitch. Also less weirder in my opinion.

  • Witness our power, microbes! -> Warera no chikara. misete yaro!
  • Redrum! -> READY! (seriously Redrum is a Reason DAW plugin!)
  • (strange noises while throwing grenades) -> FIRE!
  • Damage! -> DAMEJI ari! (same meaning)
  • Death Mine! (not sure if there's an English counterpart)

Reaper / Zachary (Zecharias)
Totally manlier than the English version! Although, I also like the English version, in fact I like both version. It's like the English Reaper is a cunning snake and the Japanese Zachary is a manly reaper. Both are awesome (and very hard to beat!).

  • Let me taste your power! -> Shin no chikara misete miro! (Show me your true power!)
  • Go forth! -> Kirisake! (Cut through!) or Yuke! (Go!) not sure which one
  • Return! -> Koi! (Come!)

Geluve / Cherub 02
Roughly the same as the English version but only some pitches higher, much like how Sandalphon was voiced.

  • I will not lose to a waif like you! -> Anata ni dake wa makenai wa!
  • How can I be such a fool! -> S-sonna baka na! (T-that's impossible!)

Cypher / Sepher Ha/Za Zohar 
I have a long comment on this. Japanese Sepher is actually two voices: Metatron and Sandalphon (no matter which side you fight), compared to the English which is just a low-pitched monstrous voice. I personally think the unison voice is better and a lot more dramatic, considering this is one of the most dramatic moments of the game where someone is crying (yes, Sepher/Cypher cries during battle!). And much like the normal Zohar, no phaser/flanger for Japanese Sepher either.

  • Begone! -> Kiero (same meaning)
  • Everything shall be broken! -> Subete kowarero! (same meaning)
  • You shall not prevail. -> Ore ni wa kattenai. (MT) / Watashi ni wa kattenai. (SP) I love how they say this line, it's like to differentiate MT and SP as separate characters!
  • Die! -> Shinu ga ii! (same meaning)
  • Kneel and Perish! -> Kittobe!(?) not sure of meaning
  • Your end is near! -> Ukete miro! (Take this!) not sure if this is the counterpart

Clod / Armageddon
As mentioned above, Japanese Clod sounds more boyish than the English Armageddon, which kind of proves how much of a (possibly twin?) brother of Shyna.

  • Delete! -> Ike! (Go!)
  • Attribute Reversal! -> Iku yo! (Here I come!) totally not sure about both
  • You can't escape! -> Nigerarenai yo! (same meaning)
  • (laughing) It looks like you're dancing! -> (laughing) Odotteru mitai da yo! (same meaning)

Removed Bosses / Characters

Actually, this is the reason why I wanted to see the Japanese and Sega Saturn version, but turns out that they never even made it to the Saturn version either, let alone the Japanese PSX version. I found out the characters from various SilMira info sites:

  • Judas - a Silhouette woman who's kind of like Geluve but with a totally cool character design. Said to be associated with Megido (seriously, why didn't she get approved? She could have been a prediction of Lady Gaga!).
  • Nebuchadnezzar - probably Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball", said to be in Machonom or something.
  • Hashmalim - an hourglass-shaped G.A. boss.

If you guys know some other stuff, feel free to post it on the comments. Thanks for reading!

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