Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Silhouette Mirage: Japanese / English Differences

Silhouette Mirage is a 90s side-scrolling 2D game that involves very challenging gameplay, and I happened to be one of those who played this during the years I still had my PSX / Playstation One. I played the Working Designs English translation of the game, but I also got curious of the Sega Saturn and the Japanese PSX version, so I checked out those too.

Silhouette Mirage English version featuring Shyna and Zohar Metatron encountering Dynamis. Holy titanic tuna indeed!

I didn't play the SS version but I saw some gameplays on YouTube. However, I did play the Japanese PSX version just to test out the differences. Here are some of the notable things I found.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

30 Lessons in Life from Yu-Gi-Oh!

The world of Duel Monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! is a great place and anime / fandom to learn about a lot of important things and lessons in life, most of which people are starting to forget. Since I've just finished rewatching the series, I thought I'd share with you some 30 Lessons in Life from Yu-Gi-Oh!