Sunday, May 10, 2015

Wowowin: Willie Revillame's Exclusive TV Comeback

Perhaps all of us have been too familiar with the phrase "bigyan ng jacket!" Well perhaps, we're going to hear that phrase on TV again. With the exclusive television comeback of Willie Revillame in his GMA-7 Sunday variety game show, Wowowin, here's what I think of the first aired episode.

Thirty-minute Opening

As expected, since the show is  a big comeback, and considering all of Willie's past shows, the dance numbers are full blast. While the pattern of his game variety show remains the same with the sexy dance girls themes plus the "bigyan ng jacket" thingy, since the production is handled by GMA-7, you're going to have to admit that the production quality leveled up.

Not a Live Game Show?

If you knew Willie's history with ABS-CBN's Wowowee and TV5's Wiltime Bigtime, you'd probably think that Wowowin will be a live game show. Well guess what - I guess that system is history, because Wowowin is a taped program, presumably to avoid unwanted stuff to be unintentionally aired and cause unfavorable, uhm, stuff to happen.

Bigyan na ng Jacket Yan! (Give that Person a Jacket!)

Since his own catchphrase is pretty popular nowadays, they made a game show out of it. All the player has to do is to answer correctly the question from his or her pocket. It usually depends on luck if you picked the easier or the harder question, since the jacket has tons of pockets. I think this is a pretty witty way to let the players control the game, compared to Willie's old games segments.

Saturno and Camo are Back

Willie's new dance number "Sumayaw, Gumalaw" (Dance and Move / Move and Groove) written by Lito Camo and his new ballad number "Salamat sa Inyo" (Thanks to All of You) written by Benny Saturno gives us nostalgia to his noontime show hits like "Boom Tarat Tarat" and "Ikaw na Nga", although perhaps the difference is that Willie is less focused on romantic wooing and more focused on his usual target audience - the general public (e.g. senior citizens, OFWs, the masses). 

I personally think since this is Willie's last TV shot, you can slowly see the sad side of him, far away from that cheerful comedian. Perhaps this is the lonely effect of living alone (even in his grandiose mansion on top of a high hill as featured by Jessica Soho in an interview) - he now considers his audience a family more than ever. 


While the show ended too soon (3:30 PM to 5:00 PM only) due to time constraints, Wowowin is a great blast from the past and somehow manages to cheer us up a little bit with the only guy who's "willing" to do it - Willie Revillame.

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