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Pacquiao vs. Mayweather 2015: Per Round Analysis

So this is going to be a sort-of live post on the Battle for Greatness: Pacquiao vs. Mayweather 2015 fight this May 2, 2015 (May 3 in our country, the Philippines). I'll be analyzing (though I'm not really a sports analyst) or at least give my round-per-round opinion of the action as it happens. Let's see which of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather takes home the bacon (or emerald-gold belt, for that matter).

Below are the live updates on the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight:

Round 1

The match seems a bit even with Mayweather slightly leading.

Round 2

Mayweather was successfully able to hit Pacquiao somewhere. The hit was pretty bad. There was a close call just
before the bell.

Round 3

Pacquiao tries to land rapid fire punches but to no avail.

Round 4

Pacquiao deals a little bit more of damage but he gets slightly damaged as well.

Round 5

Pacquiao hits Maywether for a bit but gets countered. Pacquiao's stamina seems to be wearing down.

Round 6

There seems to be a lot of hugging in this round. The clear difference in height is seen as Mayweather always seem to strike down.

Round 7

The scrore seems to be tied up. Pacquiao lands a few punches but he seems to be tired.

Round 8

Pacquiao lands more punches but less points than Mayweather.

Round 9

Equal action so far between them.

Round 10

Pacquiao lands another hit but Mayweather seems not that fazed.

Round 11

Not much has happened around this round except for some subtle punch lands. A punch was landed by Pacquiao but countered by Mayweather. The punches landed were intense, especially by Mayweather.

Round 12

There were more quick exchanges of punches. However, Pacquiao's strength has nearly depleted. Mayweather seems to be evading a lot more this round.

Official Decision and Scorecard

Mayweather gets 148 of 435 punches and Pacquiao gets 81 of 429 punches.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather Jr., by Unanimous Decision.



It's been a while since Pacquiao lost but it's no surprise. While Pacquiao is great with speed techniques, his strength depleted fast because Mayweather is hard as a rock. 

I bet some fellow pinoys will come to say "oh Mayweather cheated he's hitting on the wrong sides and he's always hugging Manny". Yeah, it's true that the MGM Grand is his hometown, but let's not forget that a true fighter never quits even if the odds against him. People might also think that dodging is a bad strategy but in some cases, dodging is part of the battle plan. Sometimes, the best offense is defense.

As I've learned from rewatching Yu-Gi-Oh!, there's more to gain from winning than losing, and that even if your opponent cheats on you, it's not an excuse to back down from the fight. You have to fight fair and square so you can prove your strength, even if it means losing. There will always be a winner and a loser in every fight, and I most certainly hope every damn onion-skinned Filipino will learn that.

Life is cheating on us every day - look at how much corruption there is in the Philippine government. We can't do a lot about it but it should not faze us from our goals in life. Manny is setting us an example by going through this fight that might cost him his life. His goal is not merely to win cash, titles, and other material things, but mostly to remind us what makes us Filipino - never backing down from any competition and setting aside the "false Pinoy pride".

Even if Pacman retires from boxing, I'd say he put up a great fight. Hope you like my Pacquiao vs. Mayweather 2015: Per Round Analysis!

What's your reaction? Drop some comments below about the fight!

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