Saturday, April 11, 2015

DIY Oats, Roy Gribbleston and King Malcolm! (DHMIS)

I've decided to do more DIY DHMIS (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared) miniature puppets since there are already 4 episodes. In this round, I've done the Oats guy (DHMIS 4), Roy Gribbleston (Yellow's dad from DHMIS 2 and onward) and King Malcolm (DHMIS 3).

The Oats character was the easiest to make of all. He was just like Sketchbook with a little extra, uhm, CREATIVITY. Instead of painting the straws (like in Shrignold's case), I just covered it with pen-colored paper.

Roy was a bit difficult because I'm out of yellow/white fabric, so I had to use paper for his arms and legs, sadly. Sorry, I kind of also messed up on his pocket. xD

Malcolm was also very hard, and I wasn't feeling well when I was making these guys (I had nasal allergy) but here's the kinda-awkward result for Malcolm.

Here are some of my test photoshoots. First, DHMIS 4 Computer (Colin) with Oats and Red Guy:

 Next, Yellow Guy and Roy. "I'm friends with my dad!"

Here's Shrignold with his King Malcolm:

Here's Tony and Colin plus Oats and Sketchbook signifying counterpart characters:

My mom is planning to buy me a display drawer for my room corner for these guys soon. But for now, group picture on my TV top!

Bonus: "Hey--" "I'm a computer! I'm a computery guy!" (Poor Gilbert)

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