Saturday, March 7, 2015

Minecraft Miniatures! (includes Real Life Minecraft Photoshoot)

Some weeks ago, I bought these little guys from a store in Pacific Mall, Lucena City! They're Minecraft miniature figures for Php 180! I honestly can't believe Minecraft is already getting mainstream here in the Philippines (or so I think).

Last post, I mentioned that I just started playing Minecraft. I saw these guys and I instantly bought them!

On one afternoon, I've decided to take them to a small photoshoot around our garden, where I saw a small canal for water flow downwards and some coal (left from my mom and dad's fish grilling). I thought, "this would be the perfect Minecraft spot".

I present you with real life Minecraft!

I also tried the other locations, such as flower pots, where Steve seems to cut down trees and the mobs hide...

Lastly, we have a small little stone stove / furnace where I made it as a sort of cave mine for them.

I'm gonna use these guys in a special music video soon, but for now, I hope you enjoyed my mini photoshoot of my Minecraft miniatures!

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