Friday, March 6, 2015

Minecraft Invasion!

If you've been following me on social media lately (tumblr and Twitter to be exact), I've actually just started playing Minecraft, which is a survival / recreational PC game (has a Pocked Edition for mobile and an Xbox 360 version) where you build houses, "craft" things to survive, make food, fight monsters (mobs), etc.

I know it's a very old game, but I wasn't interested with it back then, thinking that it's a super hard online game (I don't really play Warcraft, DoTA, FarmVille, Clash of Clans and the like, and I didn't even play stuff like Ragnarok, Skyrim or League of Legends). But because of a recommendation in my job, I've gotten interested in the game and, just wow. Below are my game screenshots:

So far, here are my Survival Mode screenshots (for the PC version):

In my Survival Mode (PC), I have just one big house and a secondary shed. I haven't yet explored further (in the fear of getting lost), but I've got a lot of items so far. Also, I've died a couple of times and when I respawn, it was hard for me to get back my items, so for the meantime, while I'm learning, I (shamefully) set it to peaceful mode (since I'm bad at survival games, anyway). It's still difficult anyway, as I had to be careful with lava and water (ugh, I hate drowning in the water).

Here's my Fantasie Mall replica in Creative Mode (too bad it's raining, still not finished):

I'm planning to build a big Lost Utopia replica in Minecraft, if ever. But it will probably takes years. LOL

I'm also playing the Pocked Edition, and here are some of my screenshots:

In my Pocket Edition, I have two houses (unfortunately, it's hard for me to travel to both because of the far distance and I mostly end up getting lost or almost drowning in the river). Seriously, it took me last night about 1 hour to find my way back home, even with a compass. :(

I have yet to try the multiplayer online for PC because I'm still a noob, but maybe soon. I'll also be streaming a bit on my Twitch Livestream sometimes, so be sure to follow my Twitter or social media accounts.

I have a lot more to show you guys, but I'll put it up in a next post, where I'll introduce you to my newly-purchased Minecraft miniatures!

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