Friday, February 27, 2015

The Blue and White Dress: Why Gold and White?

I clearly don't understand how people just suddenly become too concerned about a simple Tumblr post of a dress. I'm pretty sure this is more solvable than "the chicken or the egg" philosophy, but I just...don't understand anymore.  

How can people see a blue and white dress as gold and white? Because of the lighting? Pfft. Let me explain what I can decipher from the photo.

See, all of us have different perspectives, not just in a figurative way, but also because of how our eyes may be colored and how the lighting of the photo can affect the image. Perhaps those who saw it gold and yellow have differently constructed eyes, or they may just be trolling everyone. Yeah, that's pretty much it, I guess.

I mean, obviously, the original image is definitely a blue and black dress. If you look at the sepia-ish background, it somehow makes it gold-looking and that's why people think it's white and gold in a darker scale.

But clearly, the dress is blue and there's no way it could be white unless you bleach it. The "gold" from black is pretty much the fault of the lighting, which is perfectly normal in most low quality cameras and bad lighting conditions. It could also not be purely black and it could have a mix of brown, but nonetheless, the point is we shouldn't fight over a dress.

There are far more interesting things than debating over this. Let me quote one of my favorite electronic artists for this matter:

Bottomline overall is that fighting over something that has a debatable "matter of perspective" is pretty much pointless. That's just like the wars between LGBTs and straight people, feminists and masculine supporters, gamers and non-gamers, religious and non-religious, blah blah blah. I dunno, it's kind of pointless, and most of us who know how lighting can affect a photo know the obvious answer. And maybe indeed, some people were just trolling a lot.

Also, I think the next "Fifth Shades of Grey" film will be titled "50 shades of Black and Blue" or "50 Shades or White and Gold" (bad joke lol)

Here's a short song I made earlier:

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