Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Lewis Doll (Ghost Animated)

Since I did some DHMIS dolls (Paige and Tony, Shrignold and the three puppets) as mentioned in previous blog entries, I also took the opportunity to make a DIY Lewis Doll from Ghost Animated by Mystery Skulls.

Edit: added the golden heart!

Unlike my former dolls, I built Lewis in a mix of paper and cloth (luckily, I had a shiny black cloth for his tuxedo!). I'm terribly sorry since it's mostly on tape and the only stuff that were sewn were the body parts. I had hard trouble with his pompadour hair and floating head. LOL

So this is one of my current fandoms today. Ghost (Animated) by Mystery Skulls is not only a great song, but has an inspiring animated music video by MysteryBen (Ben Magnum). Here's my short AMV/MV:

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