Friday, February 27, 2015

The Blue and White Dress: Why Gold and White?

I clearly don't understand how people just suddenly become too concerned about a simple Tumblr post of a dress. I'm pretty sure this is more solvable than "the chicken or the egg" philosophy, but I just...don't understand anymore.  

How can people see a blue and white dress as gold and white? Because of the lighting? Pfft. Let me explain what I can decipher from the photo.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Where do Broken Hearts Go?" That Thing Called Tadhana (Movie Review)

It's not everyday that an indie film goes mainstream. The last one that I watched was Alagwa, and it was beautiful, of course. And as you may know, I absolutely suck at watching romantic films, so I had my doubts on this film. But seeing Angelica Panganiban's scene where she cries a lot on John Lloyd films, well, I think this might not be a romantic film at all.

"That Thing Called Tadhana" (That Thing Called Destiny) is a CinemaOne Originals independent film entry by Antoinette Jadaone. I guess you could say I watched this film out of curiosity as to why a lot of people loved it, and also because of my "personal issues" and that the film somehow will be able to match my current tadhana (fate) right now. Here's my movie review.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Lewis Doll (Ghost Animated)

Since I did some DHMIS dolls (Paige and Tony, Shrignold and the three puppets) as mentioned in previous blog entries, I also took the opportunity to make a DIY Lewis Doll from Ghost Animated by Mystery Skulls.

Edit: added the golden heart!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Special: 10 Saddest Love and Friendship Stories

Throughout my life, I've read and watched countless romantic stories, although you know very well that I dislike romance. But there are some that actually stand out, and focus not on the romantic love, but the bond of friendship that binds the love. Since it's Valentines's Day soon, here are 10 saddest love and friendship stories from all sorts of media (specifically, my top 10 greatest tragic OTPs ever), in no particular order: