Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Pope Francis is Unique

Something I drew for Pope Francis.

Known for breaking a lot of traditional Catholic stuff, Pope Francis is truly remarkable (in my honest opinion as a Christian), especially now that he's coming to the Philippines this January 15, 2015, Thursday (the last Pope we had was Saint Pope John Paul II). Here are some facts why he somewhat stands out from the rest:

He Values Religious Freedom

Pope Francis is popular not just for the Catholics, but also to Muslims, Protestants and many other religions and cultural groups. He even goes to Sri Lanka, in which the percentage of Roman Catholic is only around 6 to 7 percent of the population. His preachings go beyond the definition of religious standards and center on the concept of love, peace and equality regardless of beliefs.

He Values Gender Equality

Perhaps you've already heard it - Pope Francis himself said that he supports the LGBT community as long as they are good people and don't cause harm to the society. He even encourages parents to support their children for whatever orientation they choose.

He's Good with Scientific Theories

Pope Francis also stated his interest and agreement with certain scientific theories like the Big Bang Theory. Some traditional Catholics may not like the idea, but I love how Pope Francis is a lot more open-minded instead of being stuck in the dark ages of the Church. More people of different faiths will praise him for this. Not to mention, he also studied Chemistry.

He Likes to Keep it Simple

Pope Francis also broke a lot of clothing traditions (black shoes instead of red) and kept everything in his Papal life simple.  He's not too much on customized gold and materialistic Church symbols - he'd rather go for his old stuff. In fact, he even encouraged people to not put up his photo on his Papal Visit posters, to remind people that the center of his visit is not himself, but God / Jesus Christ.

He Likes Being Closer to People

He's the first pope who ever took selfies with random people, and is a football fan. Because of his friendly nature and desire to be more closer to people despite the security measures, he's an awesome pope. 


Whatever you religion is, you have to admit at some point, Pope Francis is definitely a game-changer, making a big difference to how we should view the world - equally and peacefully beyond the bounds of religion. Let's hope he really does unite the world or at least change a lot of hearts and inspire them.

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