Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year 2015 Goals

Since it's the new year, all of us may have New Year's resolutions or goals. I don't really like writing one myself, since I know that I won't be able to completely fulfill them in the end. But here's what I'd like to see and do on 2015:

1. fix relationships

I had really rough personal stuff in 2014, and I'm greatly hoping these will be fixed this year. I am already currently doing my best to do so.

2. money

I will work even harder than a horse not just to earn money, but also to save money. Yeah, I know this is a common new year's resolution, but who cares, right?

3. artist career success

I'm going to go absolutely serious for my music career and launch a real music video by the end of the year. I wanna play EDM/mashups in social gatherings, self-publish a book, sell art and prints, etc.

4. higher metabolism rate

Of course this is literally impossible. It's just my way of saying "I wish I could cut down on eating" or "by summer, I will definitely buy myself a bike to cycle every morning".

5. more inspirations

I wanna get more inspiration by listening to Spotify more often, watching movies, etc. I want to encounter new fandoms to get me motivated for my everyday life (but not ruin it).

6. more traveling 

I want to do more going-around, also to get inspiration. If possible, I'd like to start with our province (Quezon province), since it's a huge place and I haven't been to a lot of it yet.

7. more good memories

Laugh more with friends, take on new challenges, go to awesome places, blah blah blah. This is so that even if something bad happens this year, the good memories will overpower them.

8. less judgment

This year, I want to fully clear out my name and be myself, not being mindful of judgment. And also, I will judge less and just observe.

9. less insecurity

Nearly same as above. I will try as much as possible to not think about how the world is laughing about how stupid my works are or how better some people are. I will just, you know, have fun.

10. bacon

Although this is a very very very very impossible goal, I kind of want to have more bacon this year.

11. meet famous people

I already met Enjelicious last December (and probably some actors and actresses during my childhood days like Smokey Manaloto), and some more during Tanduay events, but I'm hoping to meet more this year. Famous people give me motivation, somehow.

12. cosplay more seriously

This is also downright impossible (financially), but I will try my very best to cosplay better (though I don't know if I can learn makeup, since it's not really my thing, perhaps on just doing better clothes instead).

13. improve music/art/story skills

Get busy with more tutorials, observations and inspirations! Self-improvement knows no boundaries and each year, I always learn something new in all of my fields, anyway.

14. be more focused

I tend to get sidetracked often, so I'm hoping and praying that this year, I could have the strength and guidance to get more focused in my priority goals first (since I'm a multitasker LOL).

15. ziplines

I never ever experienced the joy of flying through ziplines, so I'm still hoping this year. Meh.

16. less nasal allergies

I know this is also impossible, but I do hope my nasal allergy gets toned down this year.

17. reward for my sacrifices


18. virtual reality experience

I know and am well-aware of the Oculus Rift due to PewDiePie's videos. I know that the technology is already available here in our country. And I know very well that I am a huge fricking fan of the .hack series since high school. NOW PLEASE LET ME EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL REALITY. PLEASE. (even if it's horror //rolls away)

19. star city

I know I've stated this before during my entries about my friends Jake and Rhain, but I really do want to go to Star City before the year ends. It's also a childhood place for me (and it's a lot cheaper than EK, of course, though it's pretty far).

20. share happiness

I know this sounds like a commercial tag line, but if I do get more blessings this year, I will definitely share them with the people who are important to me. 

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