Saturday, January 24, 2015

30 Ways to Vent Out Emotions

If you're like me with sensitive emotions, you're mostly forced to find your own way to keep calm for any situation despite your overwhelming depression. Here are 30 safer ways to vent out emotions without completely hurting yourself.

1. Cry

Like what Pope Francis said during his visit in the Philippines, "we should learn how to cry", and that crying doesn't necessarily make you weak. It's a way for you to bravely express your emotions. You can cry in a non-public place. Just be sure to prepare lots of water (you'll get thirsty from releasing fluid) and handkerchiefs afterwards.

2. Eat Spicy Food

This method works for me most of the time. The spiciness of the food kicks in your tongue that, in turn, gets your stress out. I usually sip a good bowl of Lucky Me! Supreme Jjampong, or any other spicy food, and make sure it's hot, hot, hot. Just, don't eat it everyday.


3. Write on Paper

Instead of venting out on the Internet, you can write your thoughts on a journal, diary or piece of paper and maybe tear it apart later or burn it. Alternatively, you can type something on your computer or phone, don't publish it, then erase it later.

4. Write a Poem or Song

This also happens to me all the time. In fact, a lot of my albums and songs are based from my hand-written vents, especially my latest album, Paper Wings. If you're a songwriter, this is a good opportunity to make music!

5. Draw on Paper

You can also draw stuff on a piece of paper, at the back of your notebook, or any medium you want. Draw anything - gore, NSFW stuff, whatever you want to express - no holds barred. Sometimes, I get so angry that I kind of literally tear the paper with the pen or pencil. Yeah, that happens, but at least only the paper's hurt and not you or anyone else.

6. Walk or Jog

Physical activity also helps you release stress. Take a short walk outside or a brisk jog. Look at the surroundings and feel your arms and legs move against the wind. Walk or run for as long as you can. You may even walk instead of riding a vehicle to your destination.

7. Clean Up your Place

Doing a productive physical activity is also a good way to declutter your mind and your personal space. You may even encounter some old memorabilia that might take your stress away by just looking at them.

8. Travel

It doesn't have to be expensive. Most of the time, I just take the opportunity whenever I have to go to Lucena from Pagbilao via jeep, put on my earphones, and let the vehicle wind and music do their thing. Sometimes, I just do window shopping on the mall just to take my stress away. I also enjoy going to farther places like in Manila.

9. Sip Some Soup

The thing about me is that I love soups. They somehow have this magical healing abilities to calm you down when you're depressed and about to break down. I usually sip noodles, but any type of soups could do the same trick.

10. Listen to Music

Music has always been my companion when I'm depressed. Either I play music with my earphones or play it loud through my speakers. Sometimes, I just listen to music when on a trip or until I fall asleep.

11. Sing

 In accordance with listening to music, I sing, mostly in the shower or any place I desire. It gets the stress out vocally. You can even do karaoke - just make sure you're not disturbing the neighbors too much!

12. Talk to Someone you Trust

If you have a best friend, a loved one, or family member whom you really trust, you can talk to them about your problems. Remember to choose carefully and make sure that person deserves your trust and you know he or she will not laugh at your problems. He or she doesn't have to necessarily do something about your problems - just listening is enough.

13. Exercise or Stretch

Stretching your arms and legs can also get the stress out. Basically, almost any type of physical activity can shake it off.

14. Break from Work

Being depressed can sometimes get you annoyed easily at work and can lead to low quality productivity rate. You should know how to take a break once in a while when depression hits you - even a minute break will do, in case you're trying to beat the deadlines.

15. Shout in Unpopulated Places

There's this place in Laguna called Isdaan, and there's an actual venting spot called "Tacsiyapo", where you can throw plates to the wall and shout "tacsiyapo!" (a filler for a local curse word). Shouting does away with depression - just make sure you're alone in a non-public place.

16. Breathe In, Breathe Out

Taking a deep breath also subtly removes stress stuck in your body system. This is because oftentimes, when you're under pressure, you forget to breathe, so it's good to do some breathing exercises once in a while.

17. Look Up to the Sky

When you look up to the sky, you'll feel that there's so much more for you and the sky seems to be comforting you due to its wideness. I do this most of the time when I go outside to release my depression stress.

18. Swim

Swimming is also a healthy and heavy physical activity, and a good way to relax and at the same time, release your stress.

19. Get a Haircut or New Hairstyle

Cutting your hair or getting a new hairstyle pulls out the stress from the hair, and it also exercises your hair in a way. 

 20. Do Some DIY Crafts

Pour in your stress into creativity. When loombands were a thing back then, I used to vent out my depression with making them, and then I sell them locally.

21. Write a Story

Just like poems, I also write my sad experiences into a story. Make sure that the names and situations are slightly altered if you want to publish it as a real story.

22. Watch or Read Horror and Suspense

Similar to the concept of eating spicy food, you can read creepypasta online and other similar horror stories, or you can have a movie marathon of horror films of your choice.

23. Watch or Read NSFW Stuff (Unless You're at Work)

Same with horror, you can read and watch all of those gore stuff to your pleasure. Just make sure you're not at work or in a public place.

24. Cross Your Fingers

This is a substitute for self-harm and can be done when you're in a public place, especially when you are in a stressful situation where you can't simply vent out.

25. Take a Shower

The pressure of the shower is another substitute for self-harm, and the catch - you're also cleaning yourself and getting refreshed.

26. Do Household Chores

Wash the dishes, sweep the floor, wash or iron clothes, arrange stuff in your house or workplace, or anything else. It also gets the stress out. Just make sure you don't wash the dishes or touch breakable objects when you're completely angry.

27. Go Outside

Going outside to take a break is also a great breather, especially if you're a home freelancer like me. Look at your surroundings or even do some random photography with your phone or camera.

28. Dance

Dancing is another physical activity to shake the stress away. Even if you're not a dancer, just moving to the beat of your favorite music also works.

29. Lift Something Heavy

Those who go to the gym can take their opportunity to lift their stress away. Or you can also go around the house and lift or rearrange your stuff (lift heavy boxes and items).

30. Go to Sleep 

When all else fails, just sleep the stress away. If you have the time, take a short nap or sleep early. Crying yourself to sleep also makes you feel better the next day, and the depression will be gone or diminished.


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