Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Musician Stereotypes

If you are new to the world of sound creation, song composition, songwriting, soundtrack arrangement, music arrangement, etc., then I have prepared a list of people  you should be careful of dealing with, a.k.a. Musician Stereotypes. 

I'm still not a pro or anything in music, though I've faced tough crap in my 7 years of being indie and I'm just gonna give a heads-up to people who could become a victim of these selfish stereotypes. So here we go:

1. The Brilliant Composer

This person gives you tons of really cool demos, songs and works that he supposedly "created" and "composed", but when he gives you an .flp, all he can do is a simple fricking one-note chord of Pachelbel's "Canon in D", in the most basic key of C. Always background-check a composer if he's stealing from games and other people's works, but it's pretty hard if you're not very knowledgeable with underground music or game soundtracks, so just be careful and don't be deceived.


2. The Never-ending Critic

Everything you show to him will always be trash, ugly and bullshit. It doesn't matter whether you improve something in your songs, he will always tell you something sucks about it, and you somehow believe it because you're still new in music criticism. While this is sort-of okay if the person you're talking to is a full-fledged musician with years of training, flying colors and multiple experiences in live sessions and whatnot (e.g. Lea Salonga or Daft Punk, because I know how much they've achieved with their music), but if it's just one random dude who only listens to music but can't make songs, let alone sing, then you shouldn't treat him as a fucking God.


3. The Dependent

He collaborates with you often. He rarely releases any songs that have a unique style (e.g. his new single sounds completely ripped off the patterns of a song you know) and he's not stepping outside of his idol's shadows anytime. He'll soon offer you to compose songs just for him and hire other vocalists, because you don't meet with his "standards". You're left as a penniless composer. Don't end up that way, kiddo. Show him who's the baws.


4. The Insecure

I know I can be insecure in a lot of instances, especially when someone younger than me is better and has gotten more audience, but I don't let it show or target the person directly. Suppose this person who's the pioneer of a genre becomes your inspiration to get into that genre, and then suddenly when your videos / music are getting significant views, he starts to blackmail you by saying "oh you shouldn't post that because it's against the rules that blah blah bluh" when clearly you're just doing it for entertainment and not for political attacks.


5. The Begger

Someone who will beg for an instrumental just for them to do a cover, but without giving you anything in return. It would be okay if it's a close friend and it only happened once, but doing it over and over again is a form of abuse. Always remember that making music isn't for free because it's really hard to make music, y'know. Here's my price list in case you're curious.


I might add more stuff here if I encounter more music assholes in my life, but here's pretty much most of them. Remember, be vigilant!

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