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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3: Pesky Bee

The much-awaited DHMIS 3 (Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3) by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling (ThisIsIt Collective) is now released.

From a series with already 2 episodes, this one is a 6-minute jam-packed episode (compared to previous 3-minute ones). Here's my review.

So instead of inanimate objects, we get a living creature - a butterfly - as the teacher (and here I am with lepidopterophobia or fear of butterflies). He talks about love. (I wonder what the fandom will name him, though.)

I'm also glad that there's much more spoken dialogue here and actual story/interaction of the characters other than just the silly song. It makes it more realistic and adds more to the plot of the whole series, which is slowly being revealed.

Now the interesting thing is that even though the episode had little to no gore at all, it still sticks to the DHMIS premise of "abstract concepts" (creativity and time in the previous). Plus, I love how the new animation and total effort was made in place of the horror (there are still occasional disturbing moments, of course, esp. when the butterfly was killed by Robin/birdman).

In this flying scene, though, the butterfly tells Manny/yellow guy that he's "not hungry, he's lonely", trying to replace realism with abstract illusions that "love" is needed by everybody and that food is less important, which is a nod to our society where people diet to extremities just to get a bf/gf and get laid.

There's also something interesting - Robin being a cannibal and having a "chicken picnic" with Harry/red guy. Not to mention all the food was raw! (I still wonder where was the cheese character.)

Unlike the previous DHMIS videos, this one is solely about Manny/yellow guy and his friends are just watching from below.

Also, if you check out the Kickstarter page, you'll see that episodes 3, 4 and 5 are colored the puppets' colors, so I'm guessing each of them will have their own episode. In this case, Manny/yellow guy. The last one is still a mystery, I guess.

I think one of the most disturbing parts of the video is the story of Michael, a lonely guy who's hated by everybody. I think he symbolizes people who prefer to stay single and also a very deep loneliness that we are trying to masquerade using "love".

There's also a bigger cast of puppets this time, including the Rabbit Puppet, who's most likely voiced by Becky Sloan as well (she also did Sketchbook/Notepad/Paige).

But here's one of the best scenes in the series, most likely inspired by the fandom/fans itself. Tony the talking clock, Paige the notepad/sketchbook and Roy are in the background!

It seems that Roy is a priest and Tony and Paige (padlock to fans) are dressed as either bride and groom or a ghost couple. Something bugs me though (pun intended for butterfly).

If you can see here, there's a Mr. & Mrs. Dead who died 1906 (also true to the June 19 thing) and...could this signify that the two have died or...???  But HEY AT LEAST PADLOCK IS CANON YAY!

The ring, as shown by the trailer (which looked like a lifebuoy with floral decorations) is supposed to symbolize attachment, marriage, and the fact that society dictates us to only focus on "romantic heterosexual love". We're all aware of this because not everyone accepts homosexuality and everywhere is just full of romantic stories (yes, I'm looking at you, Wattpad hype LOL).

Also, this is another awesome part of the video (where another of my headcanons come true). Turns out Manny is dreaming and his friends give him the last egg. Harry goes like "it's because we LOVE you!" (how sweet, and I actually ship these two together, as seen in my DHMIS fanfics).

Only the last part is actually downright creepy, because of the egg larva. Good job, birdman. Pesky bee. XD

Overall, I totally enjoyed DHMIS 3 because a lot of my headcanons pretty much came true. Kudos to Becky and Joe for another awesome piece of work! 

Summary: I think this episode talks about how "love" is a brainwashing thing in our society today, and how we're supposed to believe this "destined one" crap and how only "romantic love" is considered love. Love is supposed to be universal, but our society dictates it otherwise. This is totally my jam right here.

Another thing I had to add is the existence of cults and religions. It's a very sensitive topic that not everyone can relate to, but in reality's sense, some religions are using "love" in the wrong way. Most religions require "giving up one's self" and most religions also don't allow homosexuality. Maybe it's also poking fun at fanaticism, not just in religion but also in fandoms. I mean, being too much of a fan of something can be bad for your health, as you're somehow "changing your name" and "cleaning your brain" to follow a certain person's footsteps.

I hope the next one comes out real soon, since it's probably about Harry this time!

In the meantime, I might actually follow up my DIY Tony and Paige with a butterfly (some fans call him Romeo) miniature as well.

Bonus: made this crack MV yesterday while waiting for DHMIS 3 to come out! It features the bunny character in some scenes! :D

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