Saturday, November 8, 2014

DIY Shrignold / Pesky Bee (DHMIS 3)

As promised in this post, I've finally done my own DIY Shrignold (Pesky Bee) from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3!

I used some scrap paper (again) for nearly everything. I couldn't find cotton balls to stuff it with so I just used crumbled paper (it's really hard). I would've done a papier-mache but I guess I'm kinda impatient LOL. Anyhow, the only non-paper materials I've used are plastic straws (for arms and legs), and big ones cut from large straws to make the antennae. I've also used some monggo beans for his nose and antennae ends.

The butterfly wings were fun to draw. Also, I colored everything in poster paint, so I don't have to waste pen ink, save for the wing patterns.

And yay! I finally have a trio of DHMIS teachers! I'm so happy! I know Shrig is not that perfect, but oh well...XD

Maybe soon, I'll try to find more materials and make the 3 puppets next! :D
Also, check out my report on DIY Tony and Sketchbook!

Side note: I see a lot of people ship Tony and Shrignold already OvO

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