Monday, November 10, 2014


So now that I've done DIY Sketchbook, Tony and Shrignold from the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Series, I've decided to do the three puppets, Yellow Guy (Manny), Red Guy (Harry) and Bird Puppet (Robin) as well!

Making the puppets turned out a lot harder than the first three characters I made from paper, since these guys will be made from cloth.

I started first with Yellow Guy. I'm glad that my mom gave me all the materials that I needed and I didn't have to buy stuff. This is his base.

Since I couldn't find exactly yellow cloth from the materials, I used poster paint to color his skin, same as what I did for Shrignold.

After I'm pretty much finished with Yellow, I made the bird next.

Here's when I painted the bird.

I also had to go to a nearby tailor to buy some red threads, since we're out of it.

I used the red threads for Harry. Here's the finished base.

Sleeping Beauty? :D
Since his hair was pink and I couldn't find red yarn, I also painted it with poster paint. It took some time to dry (and my hands got messy again).

Here's the three of them in the drying process.

Here's what Harry looked like after his hair dried. LOL

Here are the final pics!

I've also painted Manny's hair a darker shade of blue, since the yarn was of light color.

Overall, I'm happy with the results, even though they're not that perfect. When a new DHMIS character comes out, I'll be sure to make a DIY miniature of that, too! :D

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