Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Top 15 Favorite Unique Singers (Vocalists)

All of us have favorite singers - it doesn't matter if they're just singers of EDM artists, band vocalists, singer-songwriters, etc. What matters is that you love their voice for some reason and it gets you relaxed or inspired. Here are 15 of my most favorite, from various genres, unique singers / vocalists, in no particular order.

Matthew Koma

Discovered from: Zedd - "Spectrum"

One thing very amusing of Matthew Koma is his child-like voice. If you know the Niconico singer / utaite, Piko (or his awesome genderbender best bud, Sekihan) then you'll probably have an idea. Not only is it unique, but it's also totally cool. Can't wait to hear a full album of his songs.


Discovered from: Zedd - "Clarity"

Foxes is one hell of a soothing voice, not just because she sang "Clarity". I've heard her other songs and she sounded awesome, very smooth and relaxing. Her voice isn't too generic and rough, either, different from all those pop-diva mishaps.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Discovered from:"Call me maybe"

Breathy vocals are what makes Jepsen unique, added to her mysterious charm and physical attributes (she resembles a fairy from another dimension, in my perspective). Her breathy vocals are also, unique and not very annoying at all.

Nate Ruess

Discovered from: fun. - "Some Nights / Pink - "Just Give Me a Reason"

We rarely hear vocalists who do marching / anthem-like vocal style and music these days (the other one being Billy Joel Armstrong of Green Day), but Ruess is more on the American style.

Akiko Shikata

Discovered from: "Waterway ~MIO~"

Also my (obviously) top musical influence, Shikata's contralto (male-sounding) to soprano (very high operatic) voice range is just...unbelievable, even though I've already seen her Laylania Concert DVD. Not to mention, she's a cute little goddess.

Lain Trzaska

Discovered from: she - "Atomic" (as artist), she - "Make me Real" (as vocalist)

Many people might not notice but, Trzaska's voice is calm and soothing, and I really like that he did a side project - Imagery by Sound - for him to put more of his male vocals, different from the shemusic franchise. He and his hired vocalist, Heddie, have relatively similar vocal styles.


Discovered from: "Only Time"

I discovered Enya from a Lenten Season feature and from then on, I loved her works. She's like the European Akiko Shikata, and you know how soothing, breathy vocals are absolutely charming and relaxing.

CASG (Caramel Apple Sound Gadget)

Discovered from: Hiroyuki Sawano - "Call Your Name"

Yes, he's that guy who sang for Shingeki no Kyojin and Kill la Kill soundtracks, composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. Mind you, CASG is actually an indie artist! His original works are awesome, too!

Mamoru Miyano

Discovered from: "Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube" (Death the Kid image song)

I discovered Mamo first from Soul Eater, then through a variety of animes. I'd have to say Mamo is my favorite Japanese voice actor (seiyuu) because of his versatility (he can rap, sing, act and voiceover at the same time, he's just too awesome). He's also a very very very good comedian.

Hana-tan / Yurica

Discovered from: Yuyoyuppe - "Hope"

Because of Yuyoyuppe's works, I've discovered the utaite of all utaite's (well for me, at least). I adored her chilling and super emotional voice because you really feel the drama even if you don't understand Japanese.

Lana Del Rey

Discovered from: "Born to Die (Monsieur Adi mix)" 

I'm sure a lot of people already love Lana Del Rey. Her voice is like a time warp that takes you to a vintage realm filled with sunflowers on a bright afternoon.

Kim Jong-wan (Nell)

Discovered from: Nell - Beautiful Stranger

It's kind of rare for foreign indie bands to have vocalists with good English, but then again, it's Korea, so yeah. Anyways, Kim Jong-wan's vocal style and music is something good to play on a rainy day or hazy afternoon, usually when you're all alone. Not to mention, he's a good-looking megane-kun.

Pharrell Williams

Discovered from: Snoop Dogg - "Drop it Like it's Hot" (as rapper), Daft Punk - Get Lucky (as singer)

Many people might've only discovered Pharrell from Daft Punk, Robin Thicke or Despicable Me, but I've known his name from Snoop Dogg (and that makes me really old XD). But since Daft Punk made "Get Lucky", I've been fascinated with Pharrell's voice and not just his rapping ability. Bonus: I did hear a couple of Robin Thicke songs and it sounds like a similar style to Pharrell after all (falsettos and spicy rap parts).

Rico Blanco

Discovered from: Rivermaya - "Balisong"

All hail one of the masters of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). His voice is something that changes from dark and sinister, to positive and outgoing, to almost any random subject he can get his musical mind to. Added to his vocal and composition ability is his down-to-earth kindness to fans.

Akino Kawamitsu (bless4)

Discovered from: AKINO - "Sousei no Aquarion"

"Sousei no Aquarion" was actually something I found from the EXIT TRANCE remixes. Akino is one of those vocalists that makes me shiver when hitting high notes. She's from bless4, a 4-siblings musical group, who're all raised in the U.S. (thus, the very good English).

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