Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge? How about...

While it's true that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was initiated by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is making people more aware of ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) while at the same time, having fun coattail-riding with social media trends, it's also true that ALS isn't the only lifetime disease that exists with little to no cure.

Let me explain.

I myself have allergic rhinitis a.k.a. nasal allergy, which, as many of you know, have no direct terminal cure except temporary antihistamine drugs like Claritin, Alerta, Alnix, and so on. It sucks bigtime because I can't just read old archived books or under-the-bed things or else I will sneeze uncontrollably for hours and days, and the only way to stop is taking them drugs (which will unfortunately get me drowsy and sleepy). Here are some other bad things that I experience with nasal allergy:

  • No teddy bears
  • No dust (which is why I rarely overhaul my room)
  • No powder (I mean it)
  • Slightly losing consciousness when under severe nasal allergy attack
  • Drugs are expensive
Upon what I've read from internet sources and from other people who have it, there's a very very very expensive shot that permanently takes out allergic rhinitis, but of course, I'm not rich. So, Alnix it is.

So here's my sentiment: coattail raiding is fine but we should also pan our attention to many other lifetime medical conditions. If you think my nasal allergy is nothing, you're absolutely wrong. While it's not life-threatening, it's life-disturbing and I can't just go on depending on drugs all the time. 

I wanna be able to hug teddy bears again, too.

And for that, why don't we have a Pepper Sniffing Challenge for awareness of allergic rhinitis people like me? :D

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