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Voiceless by HaveYouSeenThisGirL - Initial Reaction / Review

Someone once told me you shouldn't criticize something without reading, listening to or researching about it.

One. Just one. One should be enough. Just so I'd know and have an idea. 

So some of you may ask, "why buy when you can download PDFs"? No, I'm not really that type of person. Heck, I even bought Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Akiko Shikata CDs without listening to even the previews. I support physical content rather than digital, because I'm a traditional type of person. (That's just my troublesome preference, sorry.)

And I know heyhaveyouseenthisgirl​ is a nice person. I hope she really is. (I sent her messages on dA and on e-mail because I had nothing else better to do with my life than to be an annoying girl and vent my vents to other people)

Interesting is that when I took a first random flip of a book page, it showed Star City (a childhood place and also xDarkIceMage​ pls)

I was totally stunned with the foreword, dammit.

Because, 1) Denny-san can write music? THEN OMG PLEASE LET ME ARRANGE MUSIC FOR YOU DEAR (I'll check out this song later, when I finish the whole thing) 2) Momotarou Mikoshiba pls

So, I've read chapter 1 and 2 (voice 1-2) and so far, here's what I've noticed:
  • The use of slang and emoticons are good. Not to mention the humor was written in a not-too-generic way, a bit different from my initial expectation of cheesy teenage adventures. I can now see why Filipino teenagers can easily relate to this like Be Careful With My Heart humor.
  • Voiceless totally reminds me, so far, of Nodame Cantabile, whereas Momo is also Nodame for being a geeky/awkward girl totally in love with a super-strict genius/celebrity, Sync (in Nodame's case, Chiaki). But hey, since Denny-san is an otaku, I think NC is probably one of her inspirations for this piece. BUT HOWEVER, I would like to express my phobia of love triangles, hexagons, pentagons, etc. I can go with long-distance shit and tragic romeo-juliet things, or pairs like Jellal x Erza / Akihito x Mirai (those are the cute and awesome love stories I'd like to read about), but please, for the love of God, please don't be a love hexagon. The plot is very promising and I don't want it to end like NC, where Chiaki somehow gets close to some girls (not sure but I think I've seen in some episodes) and poor Nodame's just treated like trash. But I'll admire it if she gets less torture and there would be less sexism in the series (I hope, since it's only a book 1). Also, I hope it doesn't turn into a male harem (since most of Syntax Error's band members are guys, thank God their drummer is a female). Don't get me wrong - Free! isn't male harem for me, it's just plain old KyoAni fanservice. :D
  • Personally, I picked this book because this is the closest that I could relate to. I had fangirled on a lot of fandoms, celebrities, singers, whatever, and I always fail to get their attention and just get swooped away by a million jerk fans (but some did reply to me, like Rico Blanco, shemusic, etc.). And also, so far, I'd rather go first with Denny-san's stories because I see most of her characters are the quiet/awkward ones, contrary to the bitchier females in other Wattpad romances (based from the covers and titles that I saw). I've read somewhere in her profile that she's a "frustrated artist" and a "geeky/shy/awkward otaku" which matches my description well. I want to get to know her better, and I know that women like her are rare these days (you only get those high-hormonal dominating sexist women and those harem-ish fantasy/school animes). I like making friends with quiet/shy/awkward people because those are the people whom I can relate to the most, and I believe quiet people are not just nasa loob ang kulo but nasa loob ang talento. :D
Anyway, that's my initial review and I'll probably do more, when I get to read more, lol.

I hope Denny-san reads this //u//
//shies away and curls into California Maki-chan

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