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Voiceless by HaveYouSeenThisGirL: Final Review / Analysis

Okay, so moving on from this initial review, I've finally finished the book, Voiceless by HaveYouSeenThisGirL. But first, let me tell you everything that happened right after I finished reading it.

Post-Reading Trauma

I finished the book in an average of 5 hours straight. No bathroom breaks whatsoever. Why? Because if I stop at a certain chapter, say, when Iris is bullying Momo / bitching Sync, I would probably tear up the pages or slam every object I get in my hands, unless I read on to finish what comes next. I repeat: I don't stop in the middle of feels / tragedies, especially love hexagons.

So, there. Because my eyes are fricking overused, added to the fact that I had allergic rhinitis on that day (yesterday), I was attacked by migraine, headache and dizziness. I couldn't simply divert my eyes downwards or to any direction or else I feel like I'm gonna throw up. This happened many times when I was watching anime / reading manga non-stop (because I couldn't stop at cliffhangers, like I said), but this time was more serious.

Fortunately, I immediately took medicine and drank some tea, and I felt better. The next day, my mom bought me some Bear Brand Sterilized Milk tetra packs, said I needed it. 

And there you have it. I now know my capacity and will no longer read heavy (esp. romance) novels in succession ever again. If there's already a Book 2 of this, I don't know if I would be able to read it, sorry.

The Plot

Like most teen romance stories I've seen and watched in the past, awkward situations are everywhere. The humor is great and not boring, unlike what I've expected. I've already mentioned a lot in my first review so I won't go through that anymore. Plot-wise, I'm surprised that its centerfold isn't romance at all, but rather the title itself - being "voiceless".

It's got a ton amount of sort-of bullying / abuse, so that's already a trigger warning (and yeah, I almost tore off the page, so I had to skip some of the dialogues to make it less painful). Drama really triggers me, more than romance-shit, so I don't really watch teleseryes unless it's jolly and inspirational, like May Bukas Pa. It makes me feel like watching WataMote, but in the romance genre. 

But in general, I love the theme of the story. It goes to show that a lot of us are playing deaf to those who are voiceless. The music industry continues on playing shit music and hiring looks-only idols, corrupt politicians just wait for their pork chop, mass media and social media manipulators make their moves, etc. It's all about the unfair-ness of this forsaken world, and how a hopeless, die-hard fan and a stubborn, egoist musician goes through it all.

Many of the scenes and plot turns are predictable, but some aren't, so it's a passing grade for me. Or maybe I've just watched / read / encountered a lot of stories in the past. I must be getting really old (I'm 23 already).

The Characters

Regardless of the character designs by Enjelicious, the development of each one as the series progresses is pretty much fine. 

Momoxhien - the fangirl-to-the-death heroine and the person I can totally relate to (this is why I picked this book in the first place). She reminds me too much of my old self who'd fangirl like crazy on anything she loves, but in the end, giving her 100% and crashing on the ground like Miley Cyrus. I hope in book 2, she finally wakes up to the truth and thinking about herself for once. Nonetheless, Momo is a cute character. || Headcanon Seiyuu: Akeno Watanabe (Gou Matsuoka of Free!)

Sync - the vocalist of Syntax Error and the asshole of the series. He's practically the epitome of your average band leader who's got good looks but only uses it as mask for his monstrous attitude. In my point of view, Sync and Momo are both quite the stubborn type, e.g. Momo would never give up on Sync even though she's being shouted at, and Sync would never give up on Iris despite getting side-bitched. || Headcanon Seiyuu: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (go watch Bakumatsu Rock and you'll know why)

Aila - the steadfast best friend of Momo. Personally, I like her and she reminds me a bit of one of my online friends. Because of her angsty background, I feel so much sorry for her, and I'm glad that she found Momo because otherwise, she would've been in the darkness forever. Totally love this character. || Headcanon Seiyuu: Ami Koshimizu (Ryuuko Matoi of Kill la Kill)

Corinne - the girl drummer of Syntax Error. I like how she's really a friendly person, and stood up for Momo so many times. She's so much of a good big sister not just to Momo, but also to many characters. I also like her back story when she met Zeke through her mourning over her only friend, Chuchu (a cat), revealing that she's a loner-type. Their meeting somewhat matches me and my boyfriend's love story though, but the difference is that both these two had to experience some of Iris' bitching acts just to get out of their torpe-zone. || Headcanon Seiyuu: Satomi Satou (Wendy Marvel of Fairy Tail)

Zeke - guitarist of SE and the childhood friend / torpe-OTP of Corine. I think Zeke has the least personality description, but I do appreciate his kind-heartedness, though he reminds me somewhat of David Hoover, remembering what his fiance, Shirley said, "Kindness is all you have", referring to David unknowingly getting so many girls fall in love with him and his kindness, e.g. Sissi, Sophie, and even (?) D and Duke (my OTP). XD  || Headcanon Seiyuu: Ryohei Kimura (Kise pls)

Mirko - bassist of SE and actually my fave male character. His Italian is so très bien and I like that he's the mood maker of the series. I feel like no one in the group could talk back to him, not even Sync (especially in that one scene), and he's totally the hero for standing up to not just Momo, but also Corine and Zeke, and putting some sense into Sync's stone heart. One hell of a character, sort of mysterious but I like it that way (he's probably sad on the inside, too), and I also bet he's that Kuya Noodles guy that Aila met earlier. QwQ || Headcanon Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano (Tsukiyama pls)

Iris - the bitch who ruins SE with her dazzling moves. Totally hated her at first and mostly throughout the series, but somehow, when she was being shouted at, I felt the same sort of mercy that Momo felt. My theory is that probably, Iris used to be a fan of SE until probably, Sync did something horrible to her (possibly ignored / shouted at her / physical abuse) and then she turned into a hater. I hope that theory is right (since Mary from Ib is quite the same), otherwise I would just slit her throat endlessly. LOL || Headcanon Seiyuu: Miyuki Sawashiro (Ultear from Fairy Tail, I have my reasons)

Kevin - vocalist of SE's rival band, Runaway. He's a decent guy, and I think he's the Jacob of the story (yeah, that wolf from Twilight, you guessed it right). Not much is to say about him, but yeah, that explains it. || Headcanon Seiyuu: Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin)

Manager Ree - not much is to say about SE's manager, but I'm not even quite sure if he's a guy or a girl. Nonetheless, a cool and calm character.

The Music

Since it's a music-themed story (which is why I took interest), there's scattered lyrics for most of the chapters that signify and intensify the moments. Most of which are familiar ones to me, like "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, "Face Down" by RJA (I knew this song would come along), "Shut Up" by Simple Plan and strangely, "Fix You" by Coldplay (Denny has a strong taste in music, it seems).

I also like the details of the mainstream music scene, like the pros and cons of being a famous band, being on stage as a P.A., etc. Denny must've had a lot of experiences with that (same as me, since I did play live, I'm a composer / singer / graphic artist / writer / everything pfft but never gone mainstream, it's hard work). Like I said, I hope she does answer to my messages, and the possibility of me arranging songs for her (since she did say she writes lyrics). Or maybe it will just end up like PewDiePie's case. //rolls away

The Future

Okay, so here's what I'm expecting / predicting in book 2, which I'll probably never get to read even if it's out, since I have problems with reading long stuff (like I mentioned in the intro):

  1. Iris may not be really a hater, but probably someone Sync unknowingly hurt in the past and turned from a fan to a hater. She may be actually trying to drive Momo away from Sync because she didn't want to see another fan to get hurt as much as she did, seeing that Momo obviously would give 100% of herself and she might just end up a Wrecking Ball. Same goes for Sync, too. 
  2. Kevin will be the Jacob of this series. As much as I hate to admit it, it'll probably end up as Sync x Iris and Kevin x Momo, or Sync x Momo and crying Kevin / Iris.
  3. Mirko will probably reveal his sad past, and probably Aila's gonna get involved with this.
And stuff that I'm pretty much predicting for the possible movie version:
  1. SyncMomo = KathNiel. No buts, it's pretty obvious, anyway.
  2. Maybe the songs will be replaced by original songs, or possibly covers of much easier songs to grab a copyright license of. Though, it would be better for original songs, like what they did in DNP.
  3. Cameo appearance by Denny? Since the artist building IS called "HYSTG Network". //rolls away 



Well, I do have some opinions on ships / pairs, too:

  • SyncMomo - quite fine, since it's the main OTP. But I doubt that it's going to work out in the end. But as they say, opposites attract, and mind you, Annabel Rama was also just a fan of Eddie Rodriguez.
  • SyncIris - might considering shipping if my Iris-Mary theory is proven correct. Otherwise, Synk (pun intended).
  • MomoAila - because their friendship is too tragic (I can relate too much), since Momo became Aila's hope when she was told to stop attempting suicide. MomoAila reminds me too much of Ryuuko x Mako from Kill la Kill.
  • CorinneMomo - sister-like ships are cute, since Corine is a totally dependable girl who defended Momo as well, since she was also a victim of Iris.
  • MirkoAila - cute. Totally cute, except Aila's tsundere-ish stuff. Nonetheless, I love the noodles part (hopefully, my guess is right with Mirko being Kuya Noodles). I loved that part OMG.
  • IrisMomo - considering once my Iris-Mary theory is correct. Otherwise, it's exactly my life in a nutshell (not gonna tell who the Iris is, anyway).
  • KevinMomo - Team Jacob.
  • SyncKevin - Team EdwardJacob.
  • ZekeCorinne - the torpe-zoned relationship. Cute. Really cute. Corinne's backstory makes it cuter.
  • MirkoMomo - Mirko did stand up for Momo so I think this counts as a ship.
  • MirkoSync - ...that confrontation scene. The only scene where Sync becomes uke. QwQ //rolls away
  • SyncZeke - rival ship?


Voiceless book 1 by HaveYouSeenThisGirL. I almost vomitted just to finish you without having to break the book apart physically or shout at anyone in Sync's tone of voice. Like I told you, I'm really not good with romance, drama and all those abuse-abuse / love hexagon things. Though surprisingly, there isn't too much hexagon in this story, and each of them's got their own OTPs. 

But nonetheless, good story, good plot. Looking forward to the adaptation even if it's "DJ DJ na 'yan", says Lea Salonga, one of my childhood idols. I'm just here for the music and the unfair world of the industry and society, nothing else. 

And also for that Italian guy. :D

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