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Room / Geek Stuff Haul

A haul is an "overhaul" or showcasing of stuff that you have in your room or house. Mostly done by fashion tutorial channels on YouTube. 

I'm not a fashionista but I have a couple of geek stuff, dating from the 2000s. I sacrificed my nasal allergy (because of the tremendous amount of dust) just to take decent pictures of these precious gems.

First, I readied the stuff (it was kind of heavy work) onward to my little brother's room, since my room was being used back then.

So, here are the stuff that I'll show you:

1. Original CDs

I have mostly Akiko Shikata CDs that I ordered from CDJapan, because you can't really buy those locally. The mainstream ones (e.g. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Skrillex) were bought from local stores like Astoplus and Odyssey. I collect a lot of artists too, like she / shemusic (thanks to my bf for buying it), My Chemical Romance, Owl City, Nicki Minaj, Izia (gift from my French cousin), Jennifer Lopez, Rico Blanco and the OST of Sucker Punch, my favorite movie. The most recent one is the Laylania DVD.

Most people don't really buy original CDs, but I'm a very traditional person and as an artist myself (musician / game developer / writer / graphic artist / etc), I love supporting physical copies because it contains more "heart" than digital copies. But yeah, that's jut my opinion, LOL.


2. Anime Magazines

Most of these stuff are Otakuzine anime magazines, which I've collected since high school (around 2004 or 2005). Some are Neo Comics (local mangazine series that's quite good) and there's this one Culture Crash (another awesome local mangazine series). The rest were K-zone's I got from my cousins, and there are a few extras: that puberty book from a sanitary napkin promo (LOL) and TxTmen, a pretty cool local comic series about teens who are like X-men but use their cellphones to power up.

Also, I did own a large Questor anime magazine (published by ABS-CBN) but I forgot where I put it. It was also attached to a gaming magazine.

Although, nowadays I don't buy a lot of these anymore, since there's internet and, well, let's just say I've had enough moe stuff for years. I'm tired now. XD

3. Books

This is my very, very small collection of books stocked in my library / rack. It's a mix of leisure books and some leftovers of my college days. The elementary and high school books are mostly gone because I had to give them to the less fortunate. Some are also in another room or under the bed (I don't wanna dive in there since I have allergic rhinitis). So, I've got a couple of Manga Bible Series (Messiah, Metamorphosis, Mutiny, Melech and Messengers), some computer programming books, English books, Japanese books, literature compilations (andamyo series from our school, Enverga University), and a bit of leftover unique books. 

The Archie's Digest was just one of the (quite) many Archie comics I must've bought back then (I was a fan of both Archie and Tintin and always crossed them over LOL). The Laws of Gold by Ryuho Okawa was given by my uncle. This is a Crazy Planets by Lourd de Veyra is my favorite book - I read it when I'm bored and get immediately charged up with his witty-whacking essays. There's also a random joke book (don't ask why Mr. Bean) that I probably got from those local flea markets. Another favorite book of mine is that Kids' Fun-Filled Question and Answer Book which I got from my mom's good friend / former neighbor from the U.S., and I still read it even today (I get a lot of my stock knowledge from these awesome kinds of books). The Let's Find Pokemon came from my cousin and was given to my little brother; I just keep it here. The latest one, Voiceless by HaveYouSeenThisGirL is my humble little attempt to understand this romance-enveloped world.

4. Notebooks

These are old notebooks from both my high school and college days. While a lot of people (I'm sure you do this too) scribble a lot at the back of their notebooks, I don't just scribble - I recycle old notebooks to put my plans, headcanons, lists, original languages, and whatnot there. This is so I don't have to buy another new notebook (unless needed).

Unfortunately, I still save most of the data here digitally (e.g. scan or take pics) because whenever I get my hands on them, I sneeze so badly (nasal allergy).

5. Playstation 2 games and movies

Ah, the good old days when my Playstation 2 was still up and running. My favorites were the .hack//G.U. series (Rebirth, Reminisce and Redemption) and Kingdom Hearts II (and the Final Mix+) and also Ar Tonelico II (don't ask why it's Lyner, Aurica and Misha instead of Croix, Luca and Lady Cloche LOL). I also loved the WWE games (solely because of the character creator feature XD) and I did play some other games, too, but never got to finish them (FFX was damn hard!). 

Also here are some miscellaneous movies like High School Musical, Manlia Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story and Tekken the movie (one of those western adaptations that I personally didn't enjoy because I'm a fan of the original XD).

6. Miscellaneous otaku stuff

Here are some miscellaneous merch, such as anime DVDs, a set of Soul Eater stickers, a photo album of anime pics (I had those developed on a local photo print store for, uh, fandom purposes), a Miku Hatsune wallet (that I never used yet since 2010), and a slumbook (filled with my high school classmates' data). The animes here are .hack//SIGN, .hack//Roots, Toward the Terra, Fantastic Children, Code Geass, Gundam Seed and Another. 

Missing here are the covers (my mom used them for client projects XD) and other animes like Kuroko no Basuke (in my boyfriend's house), Romeo x Juliet (I forgot where I put that), Ginban Kaleidoscope (I myself burned it and it's included in the data CD section, see below), Serial Experiments Lain / Yu-Gi-Oh! / Ragnarok the Animation (included in old CDs section below) and many others.

Most of the time, I rewatch any of these series because I miss them.


7. Very old CDs

These are mostly burned CDs back from my pop mainstream days, but there are some originals too, especially the Yu-Gi-Oh! VCDs which I bought from Toy Kingdom a long time ago. There's also this precious compilation of all 13 episode of Serial Experiments Lain, as well as a VCD of a few episodes of Ragnarok the Animation. The rest are pop songs - Christian Bautista, Crazy Frog, Britney Spears and mostly oldies. Some others like the M2M and Eagles are probably from my dad's neighbor or from my late cousin. Some other CDs are gifts from my other cousin from France.

8. Drawing books and art folios

These art folios help me find my way when I'm lacking inspiration in my drawings. It also reminds me of my old art style and my precious OCs (original characters) and that I shouldn't give up in my imaginative randomness. I don't just draw anime / manga - I also draw a couple of sceneries like mountains, beaches, skies, trees, etc. 

I've also used some old formal theme books which were unused (due to obsoleteness) and I use them mostly for sketches or notekeeping, especially when creating new original languages.

9. Diaries / Journals

Just because my diaries and journals are mostly where I vent out my sadness doesn't mean they're ugly. I worked up to create a numbering system and logo for each journal (though some didn't get their share because laziness) depending on what that particular journal's content was all about. By the way, I prefer using journal than diary because, uh, 'diary' sounds dramatic and desperate, whereas 'journal' means 'it's okay, it's fine, I'm just telling you what happened'. But I guess that's just my preference.

The journals take different shapes and sizes, too. The latest one is that one with the chicken cover, to which I don't really write everyday (unlike my old, daily ones) - just whenever I feel like writing something that I could never, ever post online (because no one would care anyway). Actually, some of the small notebooks here are just notebooks, not journals - they just have a sort-of bad memory for me, that why I don't always use them, and they're small like the journals, so they fit there.

And yes, those are dried roses from my boyfriend, from the stuff that he gives me every year on Valentine's Day.

10. Backup data CDs, DVDs, more old audio CDs and Playstation games

These are old data CDs and DVDs that my dad always order me to burn, because my files always take up way too much disk space, and I don't ever delete (because I love my files and I get attached to them like physical things LOL). I have a lot of them. Some are installers of programs and games. There's also this collection of burned CDs from my late cousin (she loves RNB and hip-hop stuff). Last, but not the least, there's my precious collection of Playstation 1 games (also included the installer CD of my now-defunct iPod nano, see below).

I could still use most of these CDs and DVDs but some of them are now inaccessible due to age and data corruption, since some of them even date up to 2003 or 2004. XD

11. Loomband-making tools

These are the more-recently geek stuff that I have. Because each pack of loombands contains a stick and a lot of connecting hooks, I've got a lot of them now. LOL


12. DIY stuff

In case you haven't checked it out yet, I've been locally selling some DIY loombands, stickers, etc. They have originally-drawn designs by me, mostly chibis of anime characters. The original CDs are currently sold out, but they're still available on my Bandcamp for digital download.

13. Justin Bieber poster (at little bro's room)

No, I don't really like Justin Bieber, but I bought his Believe album which included this poster, simply because I believe that you shouldn't criticize someone without proper research. I could've just downloaded but you know, I'm a traditional person, like I mentioned above. XD


13. Walnut and Joey (at little bro's room)

This is one-half of the Joey (Oggy and the Cockroaches) plushie pair that I recently bought, one for my little bro. This Walnut plushie from Plants vs. Zombies was from a long time ago - I can't remember where I bought it, though. XD

14. Medals and awards


This is displayed in my little brother's room. Not to brag or anything but, I've been some sort of consistent Valedictorian (first honor) in our class from kindergarten up to fourth year high school (10th grade equivalent). These are my medals, and some of them are my little brother's medals, who became mostly Salutatorian (second honor) and First Honorable Mention (third honor) in their class.

But believe me, studying like hell is hard! Go on a be an average person instead - maintaining expectations is living hell! But, it's kinda okay too, on some occasions, when you wanna help people out with stock knowledge. XD

15. Bed plushies and wall posters

The LaMB poster was a gift merch from Animax when I submitted my original composition to them and they featured it, for their first original series, LaMB, which originated from a winning story of a Filipino sci-fi writer, entitled "Laminated Woman". 

The rest of the posters are Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and Devil Survivor 2 the Animation (from one of my Otakuzine magazines). The plushies are: Finn and Jake (Adventure Time), Joey (Oggy and the Cockroaches, one-half of that pair I mentioned earlier) and a stuffed bunny.

Hopefully, I could someday find a Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club / Eternal Summer poster, or probably a Kyoukai no Kanata / Beyond the Boundary one. XD

 16. Wall posters and book rack

There are also other posters in my room, mostly from when I traveled to Manila (Quezon City) for our school's Y4IT event in UP Diliman. There's Final Fantasy X-2, Code Geass, Black Rock Shooter, Miku Hatsune, and a Tanduay First Five Urbandub one I got from a concert. The large rack was built probably by my late grandpa and covered in Snow White gift wrap (underneath). The "KAC" was an embroidery project in my elementary days. Miscellaneous boxes are on top, including my Attack on Titan (Levi / Eren) nendroid boxes and the trophy for our first Battle of the Bands at Enverga University (CC Project).

17. Old iPod nano

Originally given to my mom by my uncle, she gave it to me after some months, way back around 2007. It breathed its last on 2009, came back to life around 2010 but unfortunately died again some time later.

iPod nano a.k.a. Ai-chan is one of my most precious babies, ever. I even did a story inspired by this.

There were a lot of other great stuff on this drawer but it's too messy right now. I'll probably do a separate haul just for this drawer of mine in the near future.

18. Gadgets and art stuff

The HBW poster paint is actually a new set because the old one was almost out of paint. I bought it along with this set of paintbrushes, which I use for my painting and client work. There are mostly CDR-King gadgets here, since it's the only cheapest brand I could ever buy (and hey, at least they work). There's a Fujifilm Digicam (10 megapixels) and my good old Samsung Galaxy Mini. The pen tablet and the USB port cube are from CDR-King and the speakers are those cool dancing water lights thingy (too lazy to look up for pics, just go and search for it on my Flickr).

I still use my Galaxy Mini, especially when going outside, so I don't have to expose my Xperia Z2 (the thing that I took all of these pics with) to potential thieves.

19. Miscellaneous bookmarks and papers

These are bookmarks, brand tags and other miscellaneous stuff from things I've purchased. They're mostly shirt tags and small CD labels, and a lot of assorted things I've kept. Jewelry and loombands are on the top.

20. Figmas, chibis and dolls

This is where I keep my precious figmas, chibis and dolls. The chibis are from Kuroko no Basuke / Attack on Titan. Some are missing / borrowed, like Mikasa, Levi (nendroid) and Murasakibara.

21. Wall certificate and graduation photo

This one is near the door. The first ones are my graduation pics and the second one is from our seminar at AMA Lucena.

22. Behind the door

Flower crown! I bought it from a boutique at Pacific Mall, Lucena City (also where I bought my wig). The big box thing is a huge prop (castle) for a stage play in my little brother's class. The jacket resembles that of Rin Matsuoka (Free!). Missing here is the Mirai Kuriyama cardigan / jacket because I left it on my bf.

The Tomoko Kuroki and Ryuuko Matoi stuff are from my online friend Jake, and the Wordpress pins are from my boyfriend Champ, from his seminar at Surabaya, Indonesia.

23. Arts and crafts stuff

This is in one of my drawers. It contains mostly crafting stuff that we use for clients and whatnot. Old and small recycled stuff are found here.

24. Under the bed

Since I have allergic rhinitis, I don't ever wanna go under the bed because if I do, I'll keep sneezing forever and I'd have to waste my money on medicine LOL. But what's under there? A few used books, magazines and the like, which my mom uses for project / client purposes. Probably, some of my other old stuff are there, but oh well. D:

25. Shirts

Most of my shirts were purchased from Artwork, a very, very cool shirt shop (can be found in most SM Supermalls) that sells designs that are original and only on limited amount of releases. Their prices are quite pricey but it's all worth it, because your shirt is unique and as an artist, I need these kinds of shirts in my life to express my artist geekery to the public. XD

Also, the Koboi shirts were gifts from my boyfriend and ordered online. 

26. Closet

My closet contains both mine and some of my mom's clothing. There's a paperbag there that contains my two wigs: the short pink one and the blue one. The purple one is a cardigan, the red one is a borrowed dress for an upcoming 18th debut of my bf's little sister, and the girly pink bonnet was also bought in the same place as the wig and the flower crown. 

Why buy a bonnet? Because Alagwa. //excuse me while I hide 

27. Workstation

So this is where I do my things. It's an improvised table-like structure attached by my father to the side of the huge drawer (with a wooden stand at the bottom for support) so I can literally work while sitting on my bed (I do have to stretch sometimes or I'll get osteoporosis). That's an HP laptop, since my Toshiba died some months ago. The list that you see is my daily anime schedule. XD

28. Television

This is one of the oldest gems around the house. It's a Polytron TV that's probably as old as I am, purchased in Manila (or Alabang, I think). I placed the Cartoon Network sticker and Power Puff Girls thing on the TV because I was a total cartoon freak back then when I was a kid. And I'm glad that this TV still survives up to this day. I'm so proud of you, Poly-chan. :D
(Also, that's a sad Germany from Axis Powers Hetalia)


Whew! That's a lot of explaining. I better go to sleep now and cure my allergic rhinitis. Thanks for reading all the way and good night (or good day, whatever your time / zone is). :D 

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