Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Akiko Shikata - Laylania Concert DVD Review

So, after some months, me and my boyfriend finally managed to buy the Laylania Concert DVD of Akiko Shikata. It's her first live DVD and I cannot not get a copy (even if it's too late).

I've expected a lot from this live concert DVD and yeah, I got what I wanted. The first part (disc 1) is the Shiro no Utahime (White Songstress) while disc 2 is for the Kuro no Utahime (Black Songstress).


On the first part, the song lineup was soft and subtle, true to the Shiro no Utahime nature of being kawaii, and so is her voice style (her higher voice). 

There was even a recorder ensemble, which adds up to the spice. I bet those were some of Shikata's favorite Italian tunes or something.

Happy Shikata-san is happy.
My favorite from the Shiro part is probably Kasasagi (from Istoria ~Kalliope~) because it's just too sad and beautiful (also my favorite song from that album).

I also like that some songs had choruses removed and replaced with instruments, which is a good way for Shikata to like, expose her awesome and talented instrument players. I think everyone in her concert / recording staff is a pro.

The second part is where she's all dressed up in the Kuro no Utahime, with bonus back-up dancers!

Apparently, that part was the Arabesque song, which is also one of my faves in her new album, Turaida. In this part, she sings her matured soprano voice, in contrast to the childish high voice as Shiro no Utahime in part 1.

When the song Haresugita Sora no Shita de began, there was this part where she let out her first lower contralto and I was like "OMG FINALLY!" (I'm a big fan of her male-sounding contralto voice for years XD)

But wait! There's more! Of course, you can't have a Shikata concert without EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/. ~ee wassa sos yehar~ a.k.a. Kowarero. She's done it on every concert and now we finally get to see / hear her actually sing the manly song live!

One of the coolest things is that she shouted something like "Minna, issho ni Kowarero shimashou!" (Everyone, let's Kowarero together!) in an absolutely kawaii tone of voice, and then she breaks into those lower contraltos. JUST MAGIC (how the heck does she sound like a guy omfg). XD

Overall, the concert DVD was awesome! At least, even if us non-Japanese people couldn't attend the concerts, we could watch it at the comfort of our homes, and that's something for a Shikata fan, because she rarely goes out into the public. :D

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