Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Aftermath of Typhoon Glenda

In case many of my followers don't know yet, Typhoon Rammasun (Glenda in the Philippines) directly hit our hometown, Quezon Province, which led to a 5-day blackout in our place.

This is the damage in our front yard.

It was hard because it was really boring and on top of that, it's dark, gloomy and stores have ran out of supplies and basic necessities. You could say it's an apocalypse, but I think we're somehow luckier than those affected by Yolanda, since it didn't rain too hard, just gushing winds.

But at the same time, it's also a good thing because I got to relax and reflect for a few days, and sometimes, it's a lot better not being surrounded by news and just enjoying the bliss of ignorance.

For most of my typhoon days, I did some drawings and paintings, most of which have already been uploaded onto my deviantART gallery.

I didn't get to capture the damage downtown, but here are some stuff that I was able to save:

The first one was somewhere near our neighbors and the second one was at Brgy. Bantigue (near Silangang Nayon). 

Heck, even going to SM was a hassle because there was no aircon until the next day (Saturday, July 19). And also...

But anyway, the skies at the parking area were beautiful.

I also had some fun with these old mahjong blocks and made a short, crappy and blurry (since digicam was on low battery) Attack on Titan photoshoot:

But in the end, the power went back up, just in time for my birthday (July 21), and I was surprised by my boyfriend, Champ Camba who gave me a Sony Xperia Z2! I had mini tears inside because I was not really expecting anything from him, but I'm really thankful that my birthday didn't end up gloomy as I expected. :)

Also, here's another birthday gift from Jake and Rhain:

Overall, I'd have to say it wasn't a bad birthday at all, since all of my loved ones and friends supported me. :)

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