Monday, June 23, 2014

Tons of Projects and Announcements!

From here, my humblest apologies for a very long post! There's been a ton of updates and work to be done, so yeah.

Site Issues

Guys, very very sad news. Unfortunately, my website (, according to the domain/server provider ( crashed and corrupted the main backup files. There was an old backup but everything else after that is just dead gone.

Pic courtesy of my bf, Champ Camba.

In this case, I made a backup download page for my original games here, in case anyone else wants to download.

My tutorial blog (, is also affected and worse, nothing was left. It was my main source of income and it was the only hope that I ever had because it had so much traffic. However, you can still watch my tutorial videos on YouTube.




Soundtrack & Music Comissions

I'm now accepting soundtrack commissions! If you have a game project (visual novel, flash game, RPG Maker game, etc.), or you want some custom music for your YouTube channel, check out this price list for more details.


Resource Blog


I've also set up a free resource blog where you can download the sample packs, loops and FL Studio presets which were originally available on my FL Studio blog (, go check it out here.




I've actually known this site since 2007 but didn't bother to join because I know nothing about making flash games. But because they can now host many stuff like art and music, I've decided to hop in! Here's my site.







As I've mentioned in this post, I've also set up prints! That is, if you really want to support my art (and my electricity / internet bills), you can buy them in different formats - framed, postcards, mugs, calendars, etc. Check them out here.


Premium Content


I've also set up Premium Content, aside from the prints. In this way, you can download my resources (textures, brushes, stock photos, etc.) by using deviantART points, which will reflect in my accounts as cash.


Resource Blog 


But if you're out of cash and still want to support / download my textures, get them free from my resource blog.



I've also posted some of my art on Newgrounds and added a quick little dress-up game I made in rushed time, which I've also submitted to deviantART.




Moved Download Page 



Because  of the site issue, I've moved my RPG Maker game downloads to this page (also in this blog). You can still download them, though not on individual pages anymore, but hey, it's better than nothing!

Official Game Art 


I'm also currently making all of my games' official art so I can not just sell them as prints, but also as calendars and possibly, offline too, as pin buttons, souvenir items, etc. See below section (Misc. Plans) for more details.

RPG Maker XP Tutorials


I've also done a new channel on YouTube that completely focuses on RPG Maker XP Tutorials. If you want to start your own games like me, please do check out these tutorials of mine. Thanks!



Re-Organized Story Blog Layout


Because I have some stories that have multiple chapters, such as Metronome and Moon Angel, I've organized them into pages on the site (this would be hard to do on Wattpad because I would lose the views and stuff, unfortunately).


Manga Reader


Aside from the organized chapters, I've also put up a nice gallery-like manga reader so you guys can read my mangas, Diary of Broken and Carrier! I've also added a new manga, a one-shot called This X World! Go check them out!

Misc. Plans




It's not just because it's in the trend - I've done a couple of DIY bracelets before when I was in high school, but back then, it was nylon strings and not loombands. But nonetheless, I hope to make at least a few bucks from these (gonna add some possible chibi designs later).


Physical CD Sale


It might be very hard, but since a lot of my friends who have heard my album, "Inside a Dream",  wanted to purchase the album but don't have PayPal accounts, I've decided to at least do some indie CD releasing. Unfortunately our printer isn't very fast and high-quality, and so far I've only made just one and it took me forever to print. I'm still waiting for a good opportunity for this to be fully-done.


Book/Manga Printing


Same as the physical CD sale, but I'll be publishing my books, such as:
  • A Trip to Enidouka - a book about my fictional world/country, Enidouka:
  • Stories Beyond the Universe - collection of original stories that have science fiction / outer space themes.
Might also include the above-mentioned mangas on the Stories section.


Sticker Prints


Planning to do prints because I have sticker paper and I've seen many artists on dA (and on cons) sell chibi stickers, keychains or whatever. My plans will include:
  • Slenderman / Jeff the Killer
  • Ib
  • Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Bleach
  • Asstd. Female Heroines (Elsa, Mirai Kuriyama, Ryuuko Matoi, Tomoko Kuroki)
  • EDM Artists (Skrillex, etc.)
  • Lost Utopia

Calendar Prints 


As soon as 12 of my official game artworks are complete, I'll sell a calendar print on dA and offline, I just need to find a good printing press/shop.


Whew! Thanks for reading this far, and I hope my efforts for all of these projects would work out!

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